Monday, April 30, 2001

Duck Liver

Armadillo Aerospace

Music Of The Spheres Supports Expansion Of Universe

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

IBM Hard disk drives | Products | IBM microdrive overview | Microdrive datasheet

IBM Microdrive family of one-inch disk drives

Ars Technica: Digital Photography: Today and Tomorrow - Page 1 - (4/2001)

Nanotechnology gets a boost

Let me tell you a story.

On the way back from San Antonio, I stop off at the Sony discount shop. I buy a new phone and some surround speakers. After I finish my evening walk I decide to install them. Well to do that I have to move the wall unit, not a problem it's on rollers. So I'm moving it out and the little roller wheels snap. There I am supporting the wall unit and yelling for Dee to come down from upstairs. Well Dee does not appreciate being yelled at, she was all stressed out from completing our taxes and just wants to relax. So I am holding the wall unit trying to convince her to come down, finally she does. I get her to support the unit while I take all the equipment off. Believe me it's a job, the TV is about 60 lbs by it's self. I finally get everything off, it piled wherever in the living room. The wall units on it's side. Dee just happened to have some little stick-on sliders, so I put those on. Get the unit setup, reattach all the components. Guess what, I need to buy an adapter for the new surround speakers. So, I decide to put them on the bookshelf, I open one of the glass doors, and the little hinge that supports the door snaps. By this time Dee's back upstairs and I am once again yelling for her to come down and help me. Let me tell you she is upset, does not want to come down, I am stuck there holding the glass door so the other hinge does not snap. Well I can't get her down. So there I am stuck if I let the door go the other hinge will snap, I need to detach the hinge, I can't detach the hinge without a screwdriver. I can't get a screwdriver without letting the door go. So what the hell, I let the door go. The hinge snaps, and Dee decides to come down. Well thank you very much, have a nice day. By this time Dee is stressed, and upset that I was yelling at her. I apologize for yelling tell her to go back upstairs I don't need her anymore. Ok at this point there is nothing else I can do, I put the door away someplace I can't break it. I'll need to see if I can find replacement hinges somewhere.
I have not eaten yet. Bad idea for me to eat when I'm upset, I eat the leftover cake, brownies, turkey pastrami, and brisket. I have a miserable night and decide to call in sick for the morning.

BBC News | HEALTH | Discovery prompts spinal cord hope

BBC News | HEALTH | Spinal paralysis 'breakthrough'

BBC News | HEALTH | Scientists re-grow damaged nerves

The K-family: the Khepera and Koala mobile robots

The animal mind inside the machine

Monday, April 16, 2001

Education Module: Allotropes of Carbon

Foresight Update 10

The Mysterious Allotropes of Carbon from Dendritics

Ch 14 inventing diamonds

Origin of synthetic diamonds

Synthetic Blue Diamonds, RR, 6-99

Cubic zirconia jewelry, diamonds, synthetic gems - Mystique Gems

Diamond Knives for Microscopy, Histology, and Material Science form Diatome

Diamond Theory: Symmetry in Binary Spaces

Buzz Diamond! The Site Hollywood Doesn't Want You To See.

Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.

Madeleine L' - (perfect)flaw

A comet's odd orbit hints at hidden planet: Science News Online, April 7, 2001

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Before the Big Bang

Trellix Web, free site building software

VirTouch System and Mouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Opinion and commentary on issues of interest to electronic design engineers

JC's Home Page

Croteam - Get Serious!

Keeping a tight rein on cell division

Normal cells need two signals in order to divide: a growth factor protein, and an indication that the cells are attached to the “correct” surface. Researchers have now discovered how these two signals are integrated. Loss of control over the attachment signal may allow cancer cells to grow even when they are not in the correct part of the body.
Andrew Aplin (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and colleagues report in the April 16 issue of The Journal of Cell Biology that growth factors turn on a set of proteins called extracellular-regulated kinases (ERKs). To do their job, active ERKs have to be in the nucleus, the region of the cell that stores DNA. But in cells that are not attached to a surface, active ERKs stay in the cytoplasm, the region outside of the nucleus. Only when cells stick down to an appropriate surface are the ERKs further modified so that they can enter the nucleus and prompt the cell to multiply. Many cancer cells can grow without contacting anything, or when they are contacting an unusual surface in a different part of the body that they do not usually encounter. The cancer cells may gain this ability by modifying the control of ERK proteins so that the ERK proteins automatically enter the nucleus.

Actually this entry is for Saturday 4/14/2001.
I Went to San Antonio to visit my folks Saturday, Dee could not make it her sister was at Scott and White. Turned out to be a false alarm. I had a great visit. Rose was home, she said she was feeling so much better, apparently she has been having an ongoing stress problem for years at least in part agravated by her dislecia. She got diagnosed then given a prescription and just feels so much better. She was smiling and seemed in a good mood. She says she can just do so much more now. She wants to sell her house and get a new one with a smaller yard, her current yard is so large that it's just too much work. I suggested a townhome, she did not like the idea of shared walls, she is leaning towards getting a garden home, which from her descripton is just a house with a small yard.
I invited everyone out to get something to eat, Rose could not make it because she had to get ready and go pick up her dog. I took mom and dad to get burgers at Diary Queen, mine was good, then we went to Sonic because mom wanted one of the new shakes that they had been advertising, she was disapointed it was not very good.

I left about 4:00 and drove back to Austin, stopping at Dillards to get Mary a birthday present, I just got her a gift certificate. Mary just got a new house in Colorado.

And this entry is for Sunday 4/15/2001

Sunday morning and Dee wakes me up at 6:15, put something on and I am downstairs triming the fat off of two briskets, season well and into the oven they go, to cook for 5 hours at 300 degrees. Go back to sleep, wake up and make the gravy. Shower and get ready, off to Lisa's house with the brisket, gravy, mashed potatoes, plates, cups, ect, setup when we get there. Overeat watch two movies, one of them was very good, Remember the Titans, then go home and crash.

I just got a call from Michelle, had not heard from her for a couple of months. She has been doing database work for a about three years at a company who's name I now forget. She has an application in with another company, She told me the name but once again I've forgotten, man I going to need to learn to take notes. She discribes her current postion as being in middle management. Anyway she has used me as a referrance, and wanted to make sure I would give her rep a boost. And of course I will, won't even have to lie, Michelle is the hardest working person I have ever known, and she is flat out brillant. She, once again said we should do lunch sometime, I won't get my hopes up but it would be nice to see her again. It's been years, I do hear from her every once in awhile. Got her work and cell numbers, and I gave her my cell number. She works way south, she said she spends an hour going to and from work. Michelle actually wants a job doing database work, ugg. The company she applied at is currently using Excel to keep track of all their info. Man talk about too much work, they may not know it but they really need Michelle, she can get some good Access/SQL database/s setup and save them a ton of work. And they will still be able to use Excell as a front end. Hey just remembered something about the new company they make displays, the supply other major companies all over the world and are growing very fast. At least that's Michelle's take.

Blogs share people's stories - 04/09/01

Ok there is something out there called Speedle, I have not figgured out what Speedle is yet. | TotalSearch | Global Archive | Article


Dan Bricklin Log

How the Blogger Deal Happened

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Search for vitamins on:  All the Web - AltaVista - Deja - Google - HotBot - Infoseek - Lycos - Northern Light - Yahoo

Search for custom vitamins on:  All the Web - AltaVista - Deja - Google - HotBot - Infoseek - Lycos - Northern Light - Yahoo

Search for vitamins on:  All the Web - AltaVista - Deja - Google - HotBot - Infoseek - Lycos - Northern Light - Yahoo


Wednesday, April 04, 2001

Review: Tamiya 1/16th scale radio controlled M4 Sherman tank

"Tamiya is arguably the best scale hobby model company in the world, and they've been making 1/16th scale R/C tanks, on and off, for ages. Tamiya make a lot of R/C gear that may not be as fast or as tough as other options, but looks so much like the real thing that only the antenna and the body clips give the game away. Install an under-body antenna and Velcro or some other hidden body-mounting method and a Tamiya model can be spookily realistic."

2000 Report CardThe Clean Computer Campaign.

News | Sacred Waters: Life-Blood of Mother Earth

"Over the past 20 years, as California strengthened environmental and labor regulations to clean up the industry's mess, corporations have sought out other southwestern sites as new technology growth centers. This 'toxic flight' now puts Austin, Albuquerque and Phoenix in the environmental cross-hairs of this highly polluting industry. The process of computer manufacturing requires huge quantities of water, and produces a steady stream of toxic waste. An inventory list of chemicals used and discarded for any given company often shows dozens of pages of highly toxic chemicals that have been shown to damage the central nervous system, reproductive system and cardiovascular system of humans, as well as cause cancer. Many of the new manufacturing sites are now located in poorer communities of color, where people have little or no power to withstand the clout of multinational computer giants.

The high tech electronics industry, as it currently functions, has proven itself to be a highly unsustainable industry, especially in the desert environment of the Southwest. Besides the massive amounts of chemicals used, the process of chip manufacturing requires massive amounts of water -- millions of gallons per day in the newest chip plants! On average, the production of each six-inch silicon wafer uses the following resources:

2,275 gallons of deionized water
3,200 cubic feet of bulk gases
22 cubic feet of hazardous gases
20 pounds of chemicals
285 kilowatt hours of electrical power.

In addition, vast amounts of groundwater reserves are contaminated in the chip-making process. In Arizona, for example, about 25-30% of the groundwater beneath and around Phoenix has been contaminated resulting in 15 mile long toxic plume - 70% of this by the high tech electronics industry. The explosion of high tech development in the Southwest means that the region's already sparse water supplies must meet the needs of one the world's fastest-growing - and thirstiest - industries."

Nemesis: Does the Sun Have a 'Companion'?

New Evidence Found to Back Universe "Dark Energy' Theory

How many asteroids and meteoroids enter our atmosphere a day. there are about 1,400,000 meteoroids with diameter 1 cm or larger hitting each day.

Meteoroids and Meteorites

Tuesday, April 03, 2001


DINOBASE, Dinosaur Database, Dinopage

Quantum Biology of the PSU

Wearable "augmented reality" displays

Chip furthers AMD's computer overhaul plan - Tech News -

ADL Calls on Bush Administration to Hold President Mubarak "Personally Accountable" for Anti-Semitism

New York, NY, April 2, 2001 … In response to the resurrection of a blood
charge in an Egyptian newspaper, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) called on administration officials meeting today with President Hosni Mubarak in Washington to hold the leader, "personally accountable for the persistent use of anti-Semitism in the media

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