Friday, November 28, 2003

Coupons from FatWallet.Com save you money!

Coupons from FatWallet.Com save you money!Bargains Site.

Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource

FatWallet sues Best Buy over DMCA misuse:

"The lawsuit was a response to 'takedown' notices received by FatWallet over the last few weeks from Best Buy, Kohl's Department Stores, and Target Corporation, each of whom demanded that FatWallet remove from its web site user postings containing Thanksgiving sales price information on the grounds that the information was protected by copyright. Best Buy took things a step further, sending FatWallet a subpoena requesting that it identify the person who posted the information. Because the subpoena was not properly served and suffered from other procedural defects, FatWallet notified Best Buy that it would not identify the poster.

'The posting on a web site of sales price information is not the proper subject of a subpoena or a takedown notice under the DMCA. Hopefully, by filing this lawsuit, FatWallet will be able to put an end to this repeated misuse of the DMCA's special subpoena and notice provisions and ensure that its First Amendment rights, and the First Amendment rights of its users, are fully protected,' said Rachel Matteo-Boehm, an attorney with Steinhart & Falconer LLP, one of the law firms representing FatWallet in the suit."

Charlie discovers good record company

Charlie discovers good record companyCan you belive it? A non-evil record company! Whoa, maybe its safe to buy a CD again.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

CIA - The World Factbook -- United Arab Emirates

CIA - The World Factbook -- United Arab Emirates

Amnesty International - Working To Protect Human Rights Worldwide

Amnesty International - Working To Protect Human Rights Worldwide

SCO's legal claims skewered again

SCO's legal claims skewered again: "By Egan Orion: Tuesday 25 November 2003, 07:24
PROFESSOR at the Columbia University School of Law and General Counsel for the Free Software Foundation, Eben Moglen presented his views on The SCO Group's frivolous lawsuit against IBM to the User Advisory Council of the Open Source Development Lab last month. Now he's released that publicly under terms that allow the INQUIRER to republish it below for our readers. µ"

CyberPower AC Mobile Power

CyberPower AC Mobile Power: "On-The-Road Surge Protected AC Mobile Power, Converts Car Cigarette
Lighter To 90 Watts Of AC 'Plug-In' Power!"

This guy likes monkeys

Monday, November 24, 2003

Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind: "Wind Generators
Big and Beautiful

A colorful adaptation of the large power generators as seen in Europe and on the windy plains in America, this version won't generate electricity but it will energize your your local flying field!
A unique governor arrangement keeps them gracefully turning at a constant yet mesmerizing rpm. The impressive sizes of these sleek spinners will guarantee they are a big hit.
These are also great for marking tailgate parties or the prime spot on the beach, you will appreciate the portability of the Wind Generator and its compact carrying case.
Includes WInd Generator, pole and ground stake. 6 1/2 - foot and 9 1/2 - foot sizes are in stock, 12 1/2 - foot available by special order (allow two weeks for delivery).

Based on designs by Mike Delfar of Gravity Works in Franklin, Wisconsin."

Install Infocube 1.0 for Symbian 6 devices: "To Install Infocube 1.0 for Symbian 6 devices (nokia 7650, nokia 3650) see the full list of symbian phones.

Download the file ICE60.SIS and copy it to a laptop computer that has an infrared port. Turn infrared to the 'On' position on your phone. (can be located in the 'connections' folder from the main menu of your phone) and point it at the laptop computer. wait a short period of time until your laptop detects that the infrared port is being used. it will tell you that it has found the phone.

Next double click on the infrared icon on the system task tray on your laptop. a dialog will open prompting you to specify the file you want to upload to the phone. choose ICE60.SIS and wait for the file to be beamed to your phone.

Your phone will beep, indicating that a new message has been received. Open this message and choose to install 'infocube 1.0' choosing to overwrite any previous versions if prompted. if a message appears that mentions 'this software may be incompatible with your type of phone, do you want to quit', choose 'No' and let the installer finish.

A new icon labeled 'ICE' will now appear at the bottom of the main menu of your phone which you can now launch.

For Symbian 7.0 Phones (Sony Ericson p800) repeat the same steps above but use the ICE70.SIS file instead."

Seasonal Light Emitting Diodes <

Seasonal Light Emitting Diodes <

Friday, November 21, 2003

InetBench - Internet Benchmark - Download

InetBench - Internet Benchmark - Download Need to find out if this is spyware before downloading!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

"Meet the Press" by Nicholas Confessore

"Meet the Press" by Nicholas Confessore: "In the fall of 1999, journalist James K. Glassman and economist Kevin A. Hassett published a book provocatively titled Dow 36,000: The New Strategy for Profiting From the Coming Rise in the Stock Market. The New Economy was not a high-tech version of tulipmania, they argued, and the stock market was not overvalued. Properly understood, wrote Glassman and Hassett, the Dow--then upwards of 10,000--was actually undervalued: 'Stock prices could double, triple, or even quadruple tomorrow and still not be too high.' It was a bold thesis, and more than a few skeptics disputed it in op-eds and book reviews. But this was the height of the boom, the authors were telling Wall Street exactly what it wanted to hear, and Dow 36,000 was a sensation. It rapidly became a New York Times bestseller, sparking incessant water-cooler conversation and wide coverage on the nation's business pages. Glassman, having already been a chat-show host and nationally syndicated financial columnist for The Washington Post, became a bona fide celebrity, widely profiled in the press and invited on television shows across the country to predict that the party, far from being over, was just getting started."

Fired online election engineer comes to an arrangement

Fired online election engineer comes to an arrangement: "Lawyers in huddle, so we'll never know

By INQUIRER staff: Wednesday 19 November 2003, 15:17
A STORY IN THE Seattle Times said that a man who was fired after he complained about VoteHere’s software has come to an arrangement with the firm.

Daniel Spillane, the man in question, was fired by VoteHere after he said that its software had security holes like Emmenthal cheese, the Times said.

But now it appears the two have settled their differences, with a weird statement saying both Spillane and VoteHere were in pursuit of the same goals for electoral reform.

Spillane was fired without warning after he’d reported there were a considerable number of bugs in the software. He took the firm to court, but now the lawyers have been in a huddle everything seems fine and dandy.

You can find this story here."

Motorcycle Online: 2002 Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom

Motorcycle Online: 2002 Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom


Motorcycle stands for "Dummies"

Monday, November 17, 2003

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Microsoft's money machine revealed

Microsoft's money machine revealed

Finally the unit responsible for Windows made a profit of $2264 million on costs of just $545 million, resulting in a percentage profit of a massive 415.4%. In other words, every $100 spent on developing and supporting Windows returns $415.

Let's put this in context. Dell's recent quarterly statement shows its margin at about 9%, which is a lower margin than even the least productive of Microsoft's profit-making groups. IBM's margin is similar to Dell's but HP's is about 6% in total, thanks mainly to printers, and Sun Microsystems is even lower.

Microsoft's near-monopoly in PC operating systems has basically given it a licence to print money.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Electronic vote counting system invents 140,000 extra votes

Electronic vote counting system invents 140,000 extra votes: "Electronic vote counting system invents 140,000 extra votes


By Paul Hales: Tuesday 11 November 2003, 15:28
MAYBE IT WAS THE GHOST of Guy Fawkes that slipped into the software counting votes in the Lebanon, Boone County elections held on November 4, 2003. Whatever happened, as the results of the vote were being projected on to the local courthouse wall, the software registered some 144,000 votes cast.

Since there were fewer than 19,000 registered voters in the area, something was evidently amiss, resulting in a brief conflab between the county's information technology director and advisers from MicroVote, the software company that made the vote-counting software, the Indianapolis Star reports.

'I about had a heart attack,' said County Clerk Lisa Garofolo. 'It was like 144,000 votes cast,' she added, when the revised figure showed just 5,352 ballots had actually been filled in. 'Believe me,' she said, 'there was nobody more shook up than I was.' µ"

Friday, November 07, 2003

Canadian Motorcycle Guide Online - Bike News

Canadian Motorcycle Guide Online - Bike News: "Is just a rumour, but with the recent announcement that Suzuki is rebadging Kawasaki"

Thursday, November 06, 2003

LDComfort Riding Undergarments

LDComfort Riding Undergarments

Yahoo! Autos : VStrom2 Messages : 29651-29680 of 29723

Yahoo! Autos : VStrom2 Messages : 29651-29680 of 29723:

"From: Randy Hough
Date: Wed Nov 5, 2003 9:36pm
Subject: RE: Interesting Accident Stats (complete BS report)

This has been hashed over here in the last 3 months.

The writer has an agenda, and pulled only the numbers that support the
conclusion he wanted to reach before starting the report. It will be used to
justify rate increases for certain motorcycles and riders. It is full of
distorted truth, not exactly lies, but the data provided leads to false

The ONLY valid number that can be used is the death rate per Vehicle Mile
Traveled. Death count is not relevant, deaths per registered vehicle is not
valid. He tries to shock with a seemingly alarming statement 'The total
increase in fatalities between 1997 and 2001 is 1,065 or 50.3 percent.' He
compare the lowest year on record to 2001, so the number was as big as he
could make it. He does not state the fact that the death RATE is still lower
than it was in 1975.

If you take the time to learn how to use the FARS that is on the web, you
will find that the only kernel of truth is that over 40 riders are getting
killed at a rate that is far greater than the normal aging of the driving
population can account for. Now compare the 1000-1500cc bike sales since
1997 and look at the demographics of the people that buy them. You will find
that there has been a HUGE increase in over 40 riders buying big bikes. How
may RUB's do you know that bought a H-D as a new bike or first bike since
1997? If you look only at the death rate of over 40 riders and compare it to
all other age groups, you will find that over 40 riders die more often than
even the normal teenage and early 20's males that are the highest risk in
the normal driving population.

Crap reports like this on are a pet peeve of mine so I've done the research
and know how bad a picture this guy paints. The report is aimed at big bikes
and completely ignores the real cause of the high death rate. These riders
have no experience or training. They die just like the kids that have the
same lack of experience, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure
it out. Check your state/province,, how easy is it to get a MC cert for a 40
year old that has a clean record? What skill tests do they have to pass? Is
a rider training course required to get a MC tag on your license?

If they did require rider training before you could buy your $20,000 H-D how
would it effect H-D sales? What age group writes the laws? If you can afford
a $20,000 H-D do you care what your insurance costs are? If you had to ride
a 250cc bike in a rider course before you could don you beanie helmet and
'look cool' on your way to the bar, would you still think about buying a

Since H-D is the only American made MC, do you think there will ever be a
law that might hurt their sales?

Sorry ...

Can we talk about clutches and oil now?


Saturday, November 01, 2003

TAM Homepage

TAM Homepage Model airplane crosses the Atlantic.

Model Rockets from Apogee Components

Model Rockets from Apogee Components: " * Computer software to help you design model rockets
* 'How-To' and educational books
* Engineered rocketry kits
* High performance engines
* Technical reports, posters, & construction videos
* Building materials and construction supplies"

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