Friday, May 15, 2009

Gore vs Cheney

Gore said he wished Cheney would have given President Obama more time
in office before criticizing national security policy. A stern critic
of Bush policy over the years, Gore told CNN's John Roberts that "I
waited for two years after I left office to make statements that were
critical, and then of policy."

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


So disappointed.  I just ordered the Chicken Fried Steak at IHOP, what I got was about as far from steak as you could get.  It was a kind of fake steak, a formed meat substitute of some kind, if I had to guess I would estimate it's actual meat content at zero. It was on the verge of being disgusting. 

The sides that came with it were good, and the service better.  But overall I was not pleased, I will not be going back.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Clueless Sheep

Fox viewers are misinformed more than users of any other media outlet. 

In other words, Fox News viewers are literally less informed about these basic facts. They have, put simply, been led to believe things that are simply not true. These poor dupes would have done better in this survey, statistically speaking, if they received no news at all and simply guessed whether the claims were accurate.

And, in addition to a fun bash-Fox-athon, I wanted to add that the PIPA study also documented that those who relied on newspapers as their primary news source were better informed than those who watched any of the television news broadcasts. The only folks more informed than newspaper readers were NPR listeners.

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