Thursday, December 03, 2009

I just noticed if I copy files from my server to my desktop they transfer at about 1 MB/s, but if I copy them from the server to my new laptop they transfer at just under 6 MB/s. I always thought it was strange that the server was so slow but no matter what I did I could not get it to transfer any faster. Now it seems the problem has been the desktop all along.

Both the the desktop and the laptop have a wireless connection to the server, the desktop runs under Vista, and the laptop under Windows 7, can 7 be that more efficient than Vista?

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Far Traveler: Purity Test

The Far Traveler: Purity Test

Purity Test

The Republicans have their "Purity Test" now there is a proposal for a Democratic purity test, but it is even more stringent than the republican one; to qualify republicans had to past 8 out of 10 requirement the democratic test proposes meeting 10 out of 10. Here it is (from Daily Kos):

(1) We support the rights extended to Americans extended under the Constitution. All the rights. For all Americans.

(2) We support thoughtful, pragmatic solutions that protect American lives, American standards, and American pocketbooks. This includes finding solutions that don't require bombing anyone.

(3) We support an America that has diversity in race, thought, background, and religion not out of some hazy idealism, but because it is our nation's greatest strength.

(4) We oppose torture in any form, in any place, at any time, for any reason.

(5) We support American business, and recognize that an unregulated market is an unfair market, an unstable market, and a market doomed to failure.

(6) We support American workers, and know that when workers are allowed to organize they make their jobs, their companies, and their nation stronger.

(7) We believe that the reputation of our nation is valuable and must be zealously guarded against those who place expediency ahead of law.

(8) We believe in spreading democracy and human rights to the rest of the world by vigorously upholding those ideals here at home.

(9) We believe that access to our government is not for sale. Not in the courthouse, not in the White House, and not in the legislature.

(10) We believe that the health of our planet is not a zero-sum game, not a game of "you go first," and not a game.

Monday, November 02, 2009

I’d like a slate format computer, lots of connectivity, good hi-rez 7″ to 12″ (3:2 ratio) screen (1080p would be nice), multiple multi-core arm chips. The power of a desktop in a hand held system, with the ability to expand its capabilities cheaply and simply. I want a computer not so much a phone.

To work for me it has to be cheap to run, with a total yearly cost that’s under $100. It should be designed to use only open, non-proprietary software (and I should be able to chose the OS it runs), it should have no DRM of any kind. It should be reliable, modular, easy and cheap to repair, and designed to never become obsolete.

The main issue is that its internet connectivity should have immense throughput; each slate system should itself be a connected node on the internet that provides secure access to all the other systems in its range. You should be able to connect to any other slate system without going through a Sprint, AT&T, or other commercial network. Each slate system is part of a pervasive internet “cloud” that shares its connectivity and processing power.

I know it sounds improbable yet we have the capability to build it now, with its biggest technological issue being battery power.

Friday, July 10, 2009

George Foreman Grill

My George Foreman Grill died.

Sending an email to lets see what happens.

My George Foreman Grill died, for no apparent reason. It worked fine the last time I used it, I put it away and the next time I tried to use it, it would not even turn on. It is the 10th Anniversary model.

I like this grill; is there any reasonably priced way to get it fixed? Give me an option, such as a local shop in Austin Texas, or a parts list with instructions on testing and replacement of parts, or even some place I can ship it to where the total cost will be less than the $54.95 I paid for it.

I've put off buying another because of the difficulty I've preciously had, about 3 years ago, trying to get this grill fixed. If it can't be done I will never buy another of your products.

Please understand I am not angry or upset, I just really liked this grill; but it's against my policy to purchase products that are not well made, (product failure is an indicator of poor quality), and/or not well supported by their manufacturer. At the least if it is not possible to get this grill fixed give me a good reason to buy another, address the issue of reliability, and convince me you will in the future stand behind your products.


Monday, July 06, 2009

Judy Jennings for State Board of Education District 10 Democratic Primary, March 2, 2010

Please vote for Judy Jennings, Cynthia Dunbar is trying to end public education in Texas.

Unlike incumbent Cynthia Dunbar, Sam Houston saw public education as a great boon. “No longer will the means of elementary learning be limited to those whose private resources are equal to the expense, but the road to distinction in every department of science and moral excellency, will be equally open to all,” he said. And the founders of Texas considered education so essential to “the rights and liberties of the people” that they charged our Legislature with establishing an efficient system of public free schools in our Constitution.

The Legislature, in turn, created the State Board of Education to set policy for public education in Texas. But lately, some board members have acted so irresponsibly that the Legislature actually considered stripping the board of many of its duties. The problem: too many members caught up in fighting
culture wars at the expense of figuring out how to provide our children with an education that will prepare them for the challenges of this new century.

What would you do if your local school board trustee cared more about pursuing a personal agenda rather than seeing to the needs of your child's school? It's hard to imagine such a trustee getting re-elected in any school district in Texas, let alone the eighty-four ISDs that fall, in whole or in part, within the boundaries of SBOE District 10.

We need board members who will be guided by effective measures of what's working, not by ideology, pet peeves or partisanship. Dr. Judy Jennings will be just such a board member, well equipped to make important decisions about meeting the many needs of a diverse and growing state. Read more about Judy here.

“In effect, [Republican incumbent Cythina] Dunbar is on the board to sabotage public education. ... Dunbar should resign and leave the governing of this state's public schools to people who use them, serve them, care about them and understand that they are the future of Texas.”

Monday, June 22, 2009

NewEgg RMA

Edward Villarreal: Initial Question/Comment: RMA

 Ruby has joined this session!

 Connected with Ruby. Your reference number for this chat session is 576611.

 Hello my name is Ruby. How may I help you today?

Edward Villarreal: I was chatting with Linda, but session unexpecticly ended.

Ruby: I see. Would you like me to transfer the chat to her?

Edward Villarreal: I had sent a
Recertified: SanDisk 1.8" Black 4GB MP3 Player Sansa e260
Item #: N82E16855125116 back, and received it today.

Edward Villarreal: It died just after I reloaded music. No response, screen black, does not show up in Windows

Ruby: I am so sorry to hear that. Do you have the original retail box, UPC code and accessories for this item?

Edward Villarreal: It is getting expensive to return, if I have to do it again its almost 50% of the cost of item.

Edward Villarreal: yes
Ruby: We are willing to offer you a shipping label to cover the return shipping fee.

Ruby: Can you please verify your current shipping address?

Edward Villarreal: 13313 Fieldgate, Austin Tx. 78753

Edward Villarreal: That would be good.

Ruby: I have created a replacement RMA for you. Please remember to return the retail box and all accessories originally included with the item. A conformation email has been sent to the email address listed on your account with the return instructions. A second email will be sent to you within the next 24 hours with a prepaid UPS shipping label. Please print the label and tape it onto the outside of your returning package. This label does expire in 7 days, so please make sure you send this package as soon as possible or you may have to incur the return cost.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Austin Restaurants

I've always meant to try The Clay Pit, but things never seem to work out. Its one of those places where I don't want to go alone, and I just can't get anyone to go with me. Admittedly none of my friend like Indian, (what's wrong with them), but I love it. Someday.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gore vs Cheney

Gore said he wished Cheney would have given President Obama more time
in office before criticizing national security policy. A stern critic
of Bush policy over the years, Gore told CNN's John Roberts that "I
waited for two years after I left office to make statements that were
critical, and then of policy."

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


So disappointed.  I just ordered the Chicken Fried Steak at IHOP, what I got was about as far from steak as you could get.  It was a kind of fake steak, a formed meat substitute of some kind, if I had to guess I would estimate it's actual meat content at zero. It was on the verge of being disgusting. 

The sides that came with it were good, and the service better.  But overall I was not pleased, I will not be going back.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Clueless Sheep

Fox viewers are misinformed more than users of any other media outlet. 

In other words, Fox News viewers are literally less informed about these basic facts. They have, put simply, been led to believe things that are simply not true. These poor dupes would have done better in this survey, statistically speaking, if they received no news at all and simply guessed whether the claims were accurate.

And, in addition to a fun bash-Fox-athon, I wanted to add that the PIPA study also documented that those who relied on newspapers as their primary news source were better informed than those who watched any of the television news broadcasts. The only folks more informed than newspaper readers were NPR listeners.

Monday, April 27, 2009

GOP Senator Opposes Using Stimulus Funding To Combat Pandemic Flu

Republicans continue to display a lack of foresight.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The painful truth about trainers: Are running shoes a waste of money?

Thrust enhancers, roll bars, microchips...the $20 billion running - shoe industry wants us to believe that the latest technologies will cushion every stride. Yet in this extract from his controversial new book, Christopher McDougall claims that injury rates for runners are actually on the rise, that everything we've been told about running shoes is wrong - and that it might even be better to go barefoot...


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Monday, April 13, 2009


I can't seem to pull up my blog. I can edit it, but get a not found error message when I try to go to the page itself.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bush Speech

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