Friday, July 10, 2009

George Foreman Grill

My George Foreman Grill died.

Sending an email to lets see what happens.

My George Foreman Grill died, for no apparent reason. It worked fine the last time I used it, I put it away and the next time I tried to use it, it would not even turn on. It is the 10th Anniversary model.

I like this grill; is there any reasonably priced way to get it fixed? Give me an option, such as a local shop in Austin Texas, or a parts list with instructions on testing and replacement of parts, or even some place I can ship it to where the total cost will be less than the $54.95 I paid for it.

I've put off buying another because of the difficulty I've preciously had, about 3 years ago, trying to get this grill fixed. If it can't be done I will never buy another of your products.

Please understand I am not angry or upset, I just really liked this grill; but it's against my policy to purchase products that are not well made, (product failure is an indicator of poor quality), and/or not well supported by their manufacturer. At the least if it is not possible to get this grill fixed give me a good reason to buy another, address the issue of reliability, and convince me you will in the future stand behind your products.


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