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Rally Twin custom built dual sport adventure motorcycle

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Halloween IX: It Ain't Necessarily SCO

The amended SCO complaint against IBM filed on 16 June 2003 is, like its predecessor, a tissue of lies, deliberate distortions, and flimflam. This complaint strongly suggests that SCO has no real case, since it contains so many false and misleading statements. Instead, it appears that SCO is trying to turn worthless products into money by running up the stock price on false claims and/or trying to get bought out so the frivolous legal actions will stop.

Open Source Initiative OSI - Halloween Documents

In the last week of October 1998, a confidential Microsoft memorandum on Redmond's strategy against Linux and Open Source software was leaked to me by a source who shall remain nameless. I annotated this memorandum with explanation and commentary over Halloween Weekend and released it to the national press. Microsoft was forced to acknowledge its authenticity. The press rightly treated it as a major story and covered it (with varying degrees of cluefulness).

The now-infamous "Halloween Document" contained references to a second memorandum specifically on Linux. Within days, copies of the second memo had been forwarded to me from two separate sources. I renamed the first annotated version "Halloween I" and set about annotating the second. While not as dramatic or sinister in its implications as its predecessor, Halloween II includes a lot of material at variance with Microsoft's public party line on Linux.

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Enzymes Found to Delay Aging Process (

CD-Recordable FAQ

CD-Recordable discs unreadable in less than two years The Dutch PC-Active magazine has done an extensive CD-R quality test. For the test the magazine has taken a look at the readability of discs, thirty different CD-R brands, that were recorded twenty months ago. The results were quite shocking as a lot of the discs simply couldn't be read anymore:

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Stop Arnold Schwarzenegger Site might have info on Arnold?

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Sennheiser HDC 451 - NoiseGard

Chris's birthday party at Gattiland Posted by Hello

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Noted Technology Law Expert Lawrence Rosen Helps Linux Users Understand How SCO vs. IBM Will Affect Them.


The Independent

June 12, 1997

Coffee, Croissant, Brioche and a Dash of Sartre

Eye on Monday

by Chris Darke

"Continental breakfast, monsieur?"

"Yes, make it coffee, croissants and a vigorous bout of dialectical reasoning."

"Perhaps you’d like to choose from today’s menu of topics. For starters, you might consider ‘is thought an addiction and love a cure?’ or ‘How can we go beyond animal instinct?’" "I had a heavy night. Bot anything a little…lighter?"

"Perhaps monsieur would care to grapple delicately with ‘What is Normality?’"

"Oh, go on then. Black, no sugar."

The hundred-plus souls gathered in the Institut Francais’ spacious café for the second British Café Philosophique hunkered down to get grips with a spot of weekend philosophy. Well-heeled SW7 sophisticates mingled with polyglot students and competed with a hissing espresso machine to exchange terms. The professional philosophers could be picked out by the frowns of puckered disgust as words like "value", "self-refutation" and "objectivity" were recklessly bandied about.

Given that the British skepticism toward most things Gallic goes into overdrive when faced with the very idea of the French philosopher, the Café Philosophique is a brave venture. I attended with a certain degree of that same skepticism myself, but aware that it’s often a defense mechanism against feeling intimidated by the spectacle of full-on intellectual badinage, especially so early on a Saturday morning. What do Café philosophers read on the tube, I wondered? Karl Popper’s Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics was one volume I spotted, which made me feel a little awkward about the James Sallis spy thriller protruding from my pocket.

So what is Normality this morning? "There are four coffee cups on this table," interjected one participant languidly. "Three are on saucers, one is not. So this cup is clearly abnormal." Ah, the voice of sardonic empiricism. More, please. After about half an hour, the slightly self-conscious sense of occasion gave way to some real exchanges, leavened by some passion and no little humor. Thankfully, there was no sense of this being a nostalgic wave for the spirits of Café-swelling Parisian intellectuals. The convenor, Paris-based American philosopher Gale Prawda, conducts a similar event every month at the Café de Flore, Sartre and de Beauvoir’s former cogitating ground, and the Café Philosophique has more than a hundred branches throughout France and has even moved as far afield as Japan. When I learned that the originator of the Café Philos, the French intellectual Marc Sautet, had been charged with the mission to extend the idea to Latin America by Jacques Chirac I had a vision of their global strategy session at the Elysee Palace. "What have the Americans given us - Euro Disney and the Hard Rock Café? WE must hit back on all fronts. I see brioche and Barthes partout. As for "What is Normality?" search me garcon.

New Scientist

Only in a few countries could a philosopher of science be seen as an enemy of the state. Abdolkarim Soroush, one of Iran's best-known intellectuals, argues that science cannot progress under totalitarian regimes. His greatest "crime" is to suggest that this is a legitimate Islamic view. After six years in exile, Soroush bravely returned to Iran last week. Ehsan Masood spoke to him on the eve of his departure.

Politech: Fed police arrest, imprison Oregon radio "microcaster" [...] In February 2001 - before the Patriot Act was ever imagined - Alan was approached in downtown Oroville by two men who knocked on the window of his truck, asking him to roll it down. Fearing the men were carjackers, Alan hit the gas. Big mistake: The men were federal agents, in town to serve Alan with contempt-of-court papers. His crime: Running a nonlicensed radio station from an apple-picking shack on a hillside above Oroville, pop. 1,600. With a sister transmitter down the valley in Tonasket, Alan's faint, 5-watt FM signal reached only around the two towns, carrying news, high-school sports, advertising - and provocative, right-leaning political commentary pulled by satellite dish from "patriotic" national broadcasting networks. Alan insisted his North Valley Broadcasting "microcast" station didn't need a federal license because it didn't interfere with other station signals and didn't broadcast over state lines. The Federal Communications Commission - pressured, Alan says, by a radio competitor in Omak - disagreed. Moments after fleeing the undercover feds that day in Oroville, Alan, a former reserve police officer with nary a parking ticket on his record, was chased down and arrested at gunpoint. The father of six was tossed into the Spokane County Jail, where he sat for nearly two months, becoming something of a cause clbre in his community. After a series of legal maneuvers, and a dispute over the legal name under which he could be charged (he goes by Mark Alan, his "baptized" name, but the feds insist he is Mark Alan Rabenold, his "family" name), he pleaded to a minor offense and agreed to unplug Radio Free Oroville.

Politech: Declan McCullagh's technology and politics list

PCLinuxOnline - Microsoft Recommends Formating the Hard Disk to protect against W32.Blaster

UltraPlayer Digital Media Player - Company So far; this is the best media player I have tried.

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Sky Compilation Albums

mp3 decoder tests - introduction

Search Engine Watch: Tips About Internet Search Engines & Search Engine Submission

Nutch: about Nutch is a nascent effort to implement an open-source web search engine.

Web search is a basic requirement for internet navigation, yet the number of web search engines is decreasing. Today's oligopoly could soon be a monopoly, with a single company controlling nearly all web search for its commercial gain. That would not be good for users of the internet.

Nutch provides a transparent alternative to commercial web search engines. Only open source search results can be fully trusted to be without bias. (Or at least their bias is public.) All existing major search engines have proprietary ranking formulas, and will not explain why a given page ranks as it does. Additionally, some search engines determine which sites to index based on payments, rather than on the merits of the sites themselves. Nutch, on the other hand, has nothing to hide and no motive to bias its results or its crawler in any way other than to try to give each user the best results possible.

Howard Lovy's NanoBot Forums - powered by vBulletin

Diamond semiconductor age beckons

IN A FEW YEARS diamonds will lose their high values, according to an article appearing in yesterday's online edition of Wired.

The De Beers cartel, which has tightly controlled diamond prices through various means for more than a century, is alarmed at this prospect. But De Beers is not going to be able to win. Synthetic diamonds are here.

Two companies -- Gemesis in Florida and Apollo Diamond in Massachusetts -- are perfecting processes for growing real diamonds that are virtually indistinguishable from naturally produced stones. Although mechanically produced diamonds can be detected with infrared spectroscopy, the other process, chemical vapor deposition, "grows" diamonds that are suspected only because they're perfectly flawless, as rarely occurs in nature.

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Bush administration 'altered, censored Web sites'

A WHITE PAPER claims that the Bush administration suppressed, distorted or obstructed science to pursue its own political and ideological goals and censored or altered Web sites to suit its ideas.

Web sites have been altered to delete information that conflicts with administration policy or to add allegedly unscientific information that support policy, the paper said.

One example, claims the paper, alleges that the State Department's Agency for International Development "censored its web site to remove information on the effectiveness of condoms".

The paper, available on the US House of Representatives site, and called Politics and Science in the Bush Administration, was produced at the request of representative Henry Waxman, and purports to "find numerous instances where the Administration has manipulated the scientific process and distorted or suppressed scientific findings".

The paper also claims that the administration's alleged "political interference with science" has led to misleading statements by president George W. Bush, inaccurate responses to Congress, altered web sites, suppressed agency reports, and "gagged" scientists, with beneficiaries of the "scientific distortions" supporters of the President, including "social conservatives and powerful industry groups".

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DVD Burner Software CD Burning DVD Software GEAR has a CD and DVD software program for everyone. For the beginning home user to the audio, video, IT, or multimedia software professional, creating and recording CDs and DVDs has never been easier! GEAR has been developing cutting-edge CD and DVD recording software since 1989. If you want to burn CDs and DVDs that play right the first time, get it in GEAR!

wave The walk-thru fog screen is a novel and intriguing method for forming a superior quality physically penetrable dry fog display. It is a break-through technology, literally! The key features are that the screen is flat, enabling high-quality projections, and walk-thru is possible. The fog screen feels like nothing and does not make things wet. It creates a magical effect as if the imges are floating in thin air. This work has international patents pending.

Since announcing it publicly in Taejon, South Korea in Dec. 2001, the fog screen has gained an enthusiastic audience everywhere. The world premiere demonstration was in the Science Fair in Turku, Finland in October 2002. The prototype in the Science Fair was a success. It was covered in all the Finnish main TV news broadcasts, newspapers, etc. The fog screen has also been presented in New Scientist (UK), Wired (USA), Focus (D), and many other international magazines. The first permanent prototype installation has been running reliably in Vapriikki museum in Tampere, Finland since January 24th, 2003.

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From studies of a rare human mutation to new approaches to herbicides or antibiotics From studies of a rare human mutation to new approaches to herbicides or antibiotics
Fox Chase Cancer Center's Jaffe reveals unexpected connections for PBGS enzyme
PHILADELPHIA (July 30, 2003)--The promise of the genomics revolution--the ability to compare important genes and proteins from many different organisms--is that such detailed knowledge will produce new scientific insights that will improve human quality of life. In work on a key human enzyme, PBGS (porphobilinogen synthase), the laboratory of Fox Chase Cancer Center scientist Eileen K. Jaffe, Ph.D., has characterized a rare mutation that results in an unprecedented rearrangement of the enzyme's structure. The discovery provides a key into how tiny genetic changes can have a giant evolutionary impact and may even lead to the development of novel herbicides and antibacterial agents.

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elby CloneCD 4 System Requirements

V-Strom Raising/Lowering Links

Rates, Dates and Capacities for 10th Mountain Hut System

Motorcycle Cruiser Home Page

Motorcycle Cruiser: Tests Honda Rune

"O ring, Caterpiller
I guess I found my out my own question, Sorry to waste your time. I
found two different numbers.

It is a fat yellow O ring, Caterpiller part no. CT 8M 4991. They are
about $3.00. It measures about 1 9/16" OD, 1 1/8 ID, 7/32" profile.

Caterpillar Part #8M5266. Installation is simple, place the O-ring
the right bar-end. When ready to engage the throttle lock roll the O-
ring towards the throttle grip until it rests in the valley between
the end of the grip and the bar-end. The O-ring does NOT fall into
the valley, it simply rides on top of the valley. It also creates
enough friction to hold the throttle in place."

Caterpiller O-ring Specs:
Inner Diameter = 0.984 inches
Cross Section Diameter of O-ring = 0.210 inches.

Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap and Cherohala Skyway, Graham Co, NC

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