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Lion Battery Cells for RV or Electric Vehicles

New info: Just found this out.

Ken Curry, owner/operator of LIonEV, has a prior fraud conviction for selling gold coins on eBay that he didn't actually possess nor ship to buyers. His sentence was vacated on appeal, meaning the conviction stands but the original sentence removed and a lesser sentence handed down.

From United States v. Curry, 461 F.3d 452 (August, 2006):

"In the summer and fall of 2004, Curry was on the verge of financial ruin. His security system installation company was over ninety days
past due on a $138,000 debt, and he owed the IRS $98,000. The government contends that Curry turned to his "hobby" of dealing in coins
to get out of his financial straits. At the end of summer 2004, Curry placed up for auction on eBay large volumes of one-ounce gold coins, known as "Gold Eagles."1 Between August and October 2004, Curry sold 381 Gold Eagles to twenty-one different buyers. According to the government, Curry made a series of false representations in his advertisements of the coins. For example, he represented that (1) the coins were located in Virginia Beach, J.A. 786; (2) the coins were "part of a larger estate auction that [would] take about three months to complete," id. at 777; (3) the coins were of exceptional quality and likely only to have been seen by the mint or the original buyer, id.; and (4) he would provide a full refund to all unhappy buyers, id. at 787. The twenty-one buyers paid Curry approximately $148,000 for the 381 coins. Of the 381 coins purchased, Curry delivered only 44 of the coins, which represented only partial deliveries to two purchasers."

He was tried and convicted for mail fraud under 18 U.S.C. § 1341 and wire fraud under 18 U.S.C. § 1343 on May 31, 2005.

The Appeal decision:

I didn't know any of this about Ken when, this year, I sent him $36,000 for two Ford Ranger conversion kits. More than 4 months later and after extensive phone and email battles I've received some of the parts from his electrics supplier, CloudEV. $24,000+ in parts are still unaccounted for.

I've spoken with many of Ken's other victims, as well as the Richmond, Virginia detective examining Ken's latest frauds, the FBI, the ICCC, my local police, and Bob Krask, the Assistant US District Attorney that prosecuted Ken's original trial.

Ken served 12 months of the original sentence before being released pending his 2d appeal. That appeal is now complete and the appellate court returned jurisdiction of the case back to the district court. Bob Krask filed a motion requesting that the district court enter an order directing Mr. Curry to report to the U.S. Marshal to serve the remaining jail sentence.

While Ken's website continues to be updated, I was informed through my sources that as of a few days ago Ken was taken back into custody and is serving the outstanding 24 months of his sentence.

Remember, this is for the 2004 fraud; Ken has yet to be punished for defrauding me of tens of thousands of dollars through LIonEV, along with defrauding Ram M of Texas, Chris D of California (about $40,000 each), William M (who is also on this forum), and several others.

There are as many different voltage and ampere configurations as there are stars in the night time sky. To provide for all of these buyers we have come up with a simple module that can be easily formed in to the pack that you desire. The modules are 3.2VDC nominal, at 100Ah or 200Ah. The sizes are (for the 100Ah) 2" by 6.3" by 11.1" and for the 200Ah, 2.2" by 8.6" by 13". They are not orientation sensitive, install them any way you wish. They are maintenance free, so put them in and forget about them. The module weights are 7 3/4 pounds for the 100Ah, and 14 3/4 pounds for the 200Ah.

Priced at just 62.5 cents per Wh these are a real bargain.

$100Ah module $200.00

$200Ah module $400.00

Contact to place an order or receive additional information.
Solar products

This is the first plug and play solar array ever, and we love it!
Completely weather proof, mildew resistant, flexible!

You don't even have to drill holes to install it on your roof, or array structure!

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Pair an array up with one of our high energy battery packs for completely off grid living.

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