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MARMO Home Performance Parts, Leathers, Exhausts, Helmets, Tires, Boots, Gloves -

Wind From The Sun power plant: similar to Solar Chimney

Wind Turbines Sacred Heart Monastery Richardton, North Dakota

Wind Turbines

Search for wind turbines on:  All the Web - AltaVista - Deja - Google - HotBot - Infoseek - Lycos - Northern Light - Yahoo

Wind Turbine Photo Gallery
Danish Wind Turbines

American Wind Energy Association  . . . Clean Energy for our Environment and Economy

Wind Energy: News Releases 25 April 2002 - The U.S. Senate passed a federal renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS) and a full five-year extension of the wind energy production tax credit (PTC) as part of the broad energy bill, S. 517. The bill would require that an additional 1% of the nation's electricity come from new renewable energy sources by 2005 and total 10% by 2020 and would create a new investment tax credit for small wind systems. The bill now goes to a joint House-Senate conference committee. The House bill, H.R. 4, has no RPS provision, but does include a five-year PTC extension. AWEA News Release



inter-bike Home Page

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Bin Laden escaped with Afghan commander's help: rival warlord

Commander Hazrat Ali helped the alleged terrorist mastermind flee from the eastern Tora Bora mountains during an intense US-led offensive last December, strongman Haji Zaman told reporters in this northwestern frontier city.

Suzuki decided to have the worldwide launch of the new
DL1000, code-named V-Strom, in South Africa. George
went along to eat, drink, oh yes, and to test the bike

Cycle World - Time Machines Wes Cooley samples a pair of street-legal Suzuki Superbikes


Suzuki's all-new DL1000 V-Strom V-twin motorcycle.

Bushtec Trailer

Campmor-Your Quickest Link to the Outdoors

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Bell Helmets

M-5 Technical Specification
TYPE Full Face Helmet.
SHELLS Carbon/Kevlar/fiberglass coweave and vinylester resin.
Shell moulded in two sizes (E-F).
LINER One-piece, double density EPS liner.
One piece PE removable mouthguard.


Driving Light Kits

Digital Sportbike Magazine - Tecnic Typhoon Rainsuit Review

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Cycle News Online The motorcycle magazine comes to the web.

Motorcycle Online Most-read online motorcycle magazine.

MotorWorld Online Another great online cycle magazine.

SpiderScope Motorsports News F1 and motorcycle coverage.

Atlas Sales, resources, archives, and lots more.

BikeNet Britain's premiere motorcycling magazine online.

Battle2win Magazine devoted to Buell and high-performance Sportsters.

Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics The magazine for riders and restorers

Motorcycle Restoration A step-by-step illustrated guide to restoring a classic.

Interactive Motorcycle An online magazine for connoissieurs of motorcycles, travel, espresso, and motorcycle adventure stories.

Motorcycle Consumer News A detailed and accurate collection of information about every aspect of motorcycling.

Motorcycleworld.com Much info and news you can use.

SouthWest Bike A cool motorcycle Travel-Zine.

Diary of a cafe racer Gary has a way with words.

The Ride Board For Motorcyclists lookin' to ride!

Digital Sportbike Magazine An online mag for the people, by the people about.... what else?

Rollin' Mag The eZine for Motorcycle Riders on Florida's Space Coast

Adventure Motorcycle Gear for BMWs and Other Brands--Rukka Riding Gear Rukka
The finest motorcycle clothing you can buy. Rukka's entire line has received the 2001 Golden Hanger Award. The only motorcycle clothing with a patented rider protection system, RVP, Rukka Air Protection, meeting EU standard 1621-1 requirements. Rukka motorcycling garments are a combination of remarkable fabrics, unique design and quality construction. The garments are manufactured to strict performance standards and thus they fulfill even the strictest criteria set for weatherproofness and riding comfort.

Motorcycle Clothing: What to wear when

This story is far from finished. I'm gonna tell ya how I dress and if you're so inclined take a moment to e mail me at info@soundrider.com and tell me how you dress. I might not have all the answers but if I can help one soul keep from freezing up this winter or enjoy their
summer ride more by not overheating than I've done something right.

Motorcycle Clothing - Motorcycle Boots - Motorcycle Gloves - Motorcycle Jackets - webBikeWorld

Bohn Bodyguard motorcycle body armor

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EE Times - NASA makes nuclear propulsion a priority COLORADO SPRINGS,Colo.—Nuclear propulsion for spacecraft will become NASA's highest priority as the agency seeks close to $1 billion in fiscal 2003 for research programs, with technology enablers taking priority over planetary missions, NASA administrator Sean O'Keefe told the National Space Symposium Thursday (April 11).

AMD Processor Roadmap Archive Neat.

Ximian : Products : Ximian Evolution

HIRC Few days ago we interviewed Vincenzo Pistillo Regional Marketing Manager for Southern Europe at AMD, he told us about new line of CPUs and new technologies, particularly some interesting Hammer details have been discussed. Have a fine reading!

GRAIN CROPS Grain crops produce an edible dry seed which can be stored for long periods of time. (Legumes used for their edible dry seed are included in the section on pulses.) True cereal grains are members of the grass family; other crops used as grains are called pseudo-cereals. Grains are used chiefly in the production of breads. The seed of grain crops are normally milled to produce flour, but sometimes are softened by cooking and/or chemical treatment. Most have a high protein content accompanied by a good content of B vitamins. Some have a fair to high oil content and/or vitamin E. In addition, most have good quantities of carbohydrates, usually as starch. Varietal differences are important in grains because individual cultivars have particular seasonal and climatic adaptations. Crops are usually planted during the wet season and mature during dry weather


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Article: The Beare 6 Stroke Ducati - Alan Cathcart

Technical Motorcycle Links

AUTMOTIVE RESOURCES An excellent parts house

Winning high performance machine shop

Mason Motors in Austin, Texas

Tech Talk

Balanced and Blueprinted - Les Bengtson

Alcan Rally history and facts

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VHJ:Time To Upgrade: DDR SDRAM, Athlon XP Are Worth It

Amiga - So the World May Know

Hammer Analysis
By Nils Dahl
Date: October 17, 2001

I just reviewed the 45 page Hammer processor pdf file that got released late Monday. I am halfway between a nasty giggle and a full out roar of hilarity.
Ah, there will be lots of people doing lots of very fine reviews of the new Hammer architecture. I mean - an 8-way system that can take 64 DDR SDRAM DIMMS (8 modules per node) is very close to a ...
Well, let me spell it out. The real key to Hammer is three HyperTransport interfaces, one being a dedicated interface to fast I/O. There is one for I/O and two more for communication between processors. Yeah, super-high speed parallel links between processors.
This is much closer to a very fancy minicomputer than to the good old Xeon with its backside cache. This is a basic scheme for a small supercomputer that can handle certain special types of work very nicely.
Er, breaking encryption for example. Maybe sharing loads dynamically for rapid generation of 3D objects and scenes - a field that once was the province of high end manufacturing firms that wanted a 3D cad animation of complex assemblies in action but now is widely used in movies and other neat stuff.
Think of it as an Inmos Transputer on steroids. With AMD's new Hammer scheme, one processor can be handling the retrieval of data from hard drives and then pass this directly on to another processor that is generating web pages or doing movie effects processing

VHJ: AMD at MPF: Hammering Open Bottlenecks The K8: A Model Of Efficiency
The K8 is AMD’s newest family of CPU’s. The chips will be produced on a 0.13 micron SOI [ed: Silicon-On-Insulator -- a technology that potentially wastes less energy and therefore allows chips to run cooler and faster] process and are set to debut in volume in the second half of next year. AMD has designed the K8 family to be an all-in-one solution, from high end server products to low power / high performance notebooks. Judging by the success its predecessor, the Athlon or K7, has had filling these market positions, it’s likely the K8 will continue to expand that trend.

VHJ: The Success of AMD's New Nomenclature the lowest price for an Athlon MP 1900 , which runs at 1.6GHz, is currently $337, an XP 1900 is $236 while a 1.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4 is only $161. Yes, the AMD Athlon MP or XP 1900 outperforms even Intel's fastest (and still rare) 2GHz P4, the point is that, at the same clock speed, AMD has taken over pricing dominance with a chip that is inherently much cheaper to produce. Also, AMD's latest Athlon, the MP 1900 , is now selling on Price Watch even beyond AMD's 1k lot price which has never been the norm.

NASA Reprograms Voyager 1, 7.8 Billion Miles Away The Voyager 1 spacecraft currently is about 7.8 billion miles away from Earth, moving outwards through space on what is currently a fixed trajectory, barring a collision with some stellar object. Voyager 1 and its twin, Voyager 2, completed their history-making tour of outer planets in 1989 and are now headed toward the boundary zone -- called the heliopause -- where the Sun's influence cedes way to interstellar space. But both probes have enough power to last for 20 more years, if the internal systems hold up.

Japanese Cabinet Endorses Expansion of Military's Role in Case of Foreign Attacks - from Tampa Bay Online TOKYO (AP) - Japan's Cabinet endorsed new rules Tuesday that would expand the nation's military role and give the government new powers in case of foreign attack. Opponents say the move runs afoul of Japan's post World War II pacifist constitution.
The measures are designed to give a greater latitude to the prime minister and the Self Defense Forces in time of military emergency. Cabinet endorsement brings the measures a major step closer to ratification.
Their adoption as law would be a victory for Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who swept to power last year on pledges to bolster Japan's military. The three bills are to be sent Wednesday to Parliament, which has until mid-June to vote them into law.

Apache 2.0 Beats IIS at Its Own Game Apache 2.0 Beats IIS at Its Own Game
By Jim Rapoza

Enterprises last week had 11 more reasons to rethink using IIS: 10 new security holes in the Microsoft Web server and the arrival of Apache 2.0.
After three years of development, Apache 2.0 (or, more accurately, Version 2.035) has finally been released. Unix users will find plenty to like in Version 2.0, but the biggest impact will be on Windows servers, where Apache can now perform as a production-level Web server.
Unlike previous Windows versions of the open-source server, which were built from ported Unix code, the new version is written as a native Windows application and is recommended by the Apache Software Foundation for production use.
And, based on our tests, we agree. eWEEK Labs compared the performance of Apache 2.0 and Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Information Services 5.0, both running on Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Apache kept pace with IIS during the entire test, which means that sites that move from IIS to Apache 2.0 on Windows won't have to worry about taking a performance hit.

Monday, April 15, 2002

VIAHardware Dot Com Dell shipping non-standard PSU's and mobo's.
I noted this first over at AMDZone (which linked back to a story at The Inquirer) but you can read the original report here as well. Apparently Dell has been using non-standard ATX power supplies since 1998. These supplies (and the motherboards that use them) look identical to standard and conform to the ATX shape--but are not the same.

Post-Crescent - Crashed computer boots local man int By John Lee
Post-Crescent staff writer
GRAND CHUTE — Since January, Gary Wilke has felt more than a little frustrated with his daughter’s $2,600 computer.
He took it back to the store he purchased it from — five times.
There’s been a new hard drive installed, a four-hour home visit from a computer technician and problems such as no sound and the inability to “burn” CDs, said Wilke, N512 Sonny Court, Appleton.
The computer still wouldn’t boot up when he got it home from the shop Friday.
When he went back Monday, he took the machine and told the staff he would take care of it.
He put the computer processing unit in the foyer of the store, went to his car, got what witnesses described as a “large sledgehammer” and pummeled it.
Wilke denies reports from a store employee that he used profanity.
“I didn’t want to cause any trouble,” he said. “I wasn’t there to harm anybody.
“I said, ‘Have a good day,’ and I left.”
Later, he was arrested at his home by Outagamie County deputies, and turned over to Grand Chute police.
They jailed him, and he was released later Monday after posting a $150 bond for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor charge.
Kasey Marx, the manager of Gateway Country, 728 N. Casaloma Drive, where the incident occurred, declined comment.

Evil Reviews | Pogo Linux Vorticon 1800

HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!

Washtech.com When Pete Aquino and Peter Stevenson returned to Northern Virginia after running a telecom company in Venezuela for five years, they expected access to all the luxuries that modern technology can offer.
They were disappointed with what they found.
"We couldn't get DSL; our cable service was terrible. It was all very frustrating," Aquino said. "So we started investigating why broadband hadn't developed in the U.S."


Yahoo! Groups : vstrom Messages :264-278 of 293 Alot of talk about OTD price lately. From what I have
read on the news groups the dealer cost can be
calculated as follows.

Take MSRP (from website or Magazine ad)
Subtract $300.
then subtract 15% add $300 back on
equals dealer cost.

So for the DL1000
8899 - 300 = 8599 X .85 = 7309 300 = 7609.00
add profit 400 to 600 = 8000 to 8200. then add your
state sales tax/lic/fees.

October 31, 2002. I can retire.
Katherine at ERS figured that out for me.

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Jesse Luggage Systems

Aerostich Online Catalog - Motorcycle Riding Suit, Camping Gear, Jacket, Pants, Clothing, Accessories, Gloves, Boots, Gps's, and Tools
Holographic Vehicle Projector

Oncoming traffic sees the sharply glowing holographically projected image of whatever your choose. Imagine projecting a transparent from behind (but real appearing from the front) Peterbuilt tractor trailer rig instead of your bike, …especially on high speed twisty backroads. Uses only the power from your headlight, channeled through a small, sophisticated holographic projector that is about the size of a soft drink can. Universal clamp-on design that mounts easily to any machine. Interchangeable image cartridges include: Ratty Diamond Reo oil tanker semi, Massy Harris Ag-master combine, weaving 70’s Buick Electra duce and a quarter with drunk at wheel, late model Ford Crown Vic highway patrol car, Boeing 747 on emergency landing final approach (requires 100 watt high beam in headlamp), Harley fat and low Ness custom. Includes walnut and complete installation instructions. Color is black chrome titanium.

CAT. NO. ORC $ 5,230.00 Select/Order

Aerostich - Motorcycle Riders Gear Online Catalog, Riding Suits and Clothing, Gloves, Boots, Camping Gear, Tools, Bags, Helmets

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Microsoft Search Companion Statement of Privacy
Microsoft is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience. This Statement of Privacy applies to the Microsoft Search Companion Web service provided in Microsoft Windows XP. Please be aware that this Privacy Statement and the choices you make regarding the Microsoft Search Companion Web service do not necessarily apply to personal information you may have provided to Microsoft in the context of other, separately operated, Microsoft products or services. For more information and privacy policies for other Microsoft products and services, please visit the Microsoft Privacy Home Page.
Collection of Information
Using Microsoft Windows XP Search Companion, you can search for all types of objects, from pictures, music, and documents, to printers, computers, and people. You can search your own computer, other computers (if you are connected to a network or workgroup), and the Internet. You can also choose to search with the help of an animated screen character.
No information is ever collected by Search Companion when you search your local system, LAN, or intranet for any reason.
When you search the Internet using the Search Companion, the following information is collected regarding your use of the service: your IP address, the text of your Internet search query, grammatical information about the query, the list of tasks which the Search Companion Web service

Win-XP Search Assistant silently downloads files
By Thomas C Greene in Washington
Posted: 11/04/2002 at 20:47 GMT

Just over a week ago, while searching for a file on a Windows-XP machine, I was surprised to see the Search Assistant attempting to activate my Internet connection. It puzzled me because I wasn't searching the Internet, only my local drive. I was busy with other things at the time, but I made a mental note to look into it soon, which I promptly forgot to do.

This morning, Reg reader Jody Melbourne rattled my cage, fresh from having made the same discovery. He'd noticed that the Assistant was establishing a connection with a machine at Microsoft.

"I did not give Microsoft permission to know what files I am searching for on my local hard-drive," Jody wrote.

Indeed, and neither had I. So I connected an XP box to my ISP, started a packet sniffer, and launched the Search Assistant. Sure enough, it immediately connected to http://sa.windows.com/ and fetched a number of files. But it didn't attempt to send any data to the site, beyond comparing my locally-stored versions of those files to the ones on the server.

But when I performed an Internet search, the Assistant sent my search terms to the Microsoft site, and also dropped a session cookie on my machine.

Phoning home?
One of the files the Assistant fetches is the MS Search Companion privacy statement. This is done for P3P complia

Embperl - Building dynamic Websites with Perl Embperl gives you the power to embed Perl code in your HTML documents and the ability to build your Web site out of small reusable objects in a OO-style. You can also take advantage all available Perl modules, (including DBI for database access) use their functionality and easily include their output into your web pages.
Embperl has several features especially useful for creating HTML, including dynamic tables, formfield-processing, escaping/unescaping, session handling, and more.
Embperl is a server-side tool, which means that it's browser-independent. It can run in various ways: under mod_perl, as a CGI script, or offline.

Neil Gunton: Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Consultant, New York City Stopping Spambots: A Spambot Trap
Using Linux, Apache, mod_perl, Perl, MySQL, ipchains and Embperl
Copyright 2002 by Neil Gunton
Last updated: April 12th 2002

BBC News | ENGLAND | Lost city found off Indian coast An ancient underwater city has been discovered off the coast of south-eastern India

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Hydro Lance Fast Ship Technology Brief All Hydro-Lance vessels are simple displacement hulls, with the same math calculations used for weight displacement of a rowboat, or a full sized cargo ship. However, because conventional ships require significant freeboard (that distance from the water's surface to the top of the hull) to prevent crashing waves from rolling over the deck, the tonnage of ship displacement often far exceeds the intended use. For example, the cruise ship Stattendam is a 55,451 metric ton vessel and will carry 1,266 passengers plus a crew of 704; that's 28 tons of ship for every person! The Hydro-Lance does not utilize but a very few feet of freeboard and therefore a 2,000 metric ton ship may more efficiently accommodate the same mission; one 2,000 gross metric ton Hydro-Lance vessel will carry a net cargo of, at least, 1,000 metric tons, having a significantly higher volume of usable space due to entirely different construction geometry.

University of Bath MILEAGE MARATHON car The award won in 1995 brought with it a sum of money which went a long way towards a new engine. At the same time, we were most fortunate to have some sponsorship money from a number of local companies. We wanted to stay with the diesel fuel class and decided on a Robin Diesel, made in Japan by Fuji Heavy Industries. The DY23 version of this direct injection engine powered quite a few of the rival entries. However, due to problems during previous years with a sufficiently reliable starter-motor (which is very necessary due to the "cut and coast" technique employed), we opted for the slightly larger capacity 265cc DY27 engine with its own built-in starter. The smaller engine did not have this feature although later engines now do so. Again, the project was allocated to two pairs of final year students and the car was to have some bodywork. The engine team soon had the Robin stripped to its bare essentials and the flywheel lightened; this latter feature also allowed the engine to sit lower in the frame of the ladder. The chassis was much the same as the previous season but the wheelbase was made slightly longer to allow the driver to recline more and thus keep the proposed bodyline lower. Once again, the Ransomes centrifugal clutch was used but modified to suit the different rev band.

University of Bath MILEAGE MARATHON car

Getting Started SAILING
A Sport as Old as Boating Itself

Diesel generator power is a sensible choice especially when integrated into the total system by Skip Thomsen Issue 43 OK, for you folks who are serious about homestead power and maybe have a shop or business that will depend on a totally dependable source of clean, stable power, there’s a jewel of a machine being offered by Onan. It’s their Model Number 8.0HDKAQ.
This is a specially developed 1800 RPM, water-cooled, 8KW single- and three-phase generator that’s designed for continuous duty applications. It also has a lot of installation flexibility, with cooling-air discharge that rotates to either side- or bottom-discharge, and multiple oil-check and fill locations. All connections and controls are waterproof and sealed for safe and trouble-free installation even in harsh environments.
I just talked to somebody who has had one of these machines running for years with no repairs at all. His is the older-model unit, but the only difference between it and the new one is the better noise-control on the new one.
This genset (generator set) uses the proven Kubota three-cylinder diesel engine, and at about a 75% load, it runs four hours on a gallon of fuel.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles - Introduction There are two types of hybrid vehicle, parallel and series. In the parallel hybrid, electricity is obtained from a small Diesel generator set with an optimised constant turning system and power which allows the vehicle to travel at low speed. Additional power needed for acceleration and start-off is provided by a set of batteries which are recharged while braking and when the vehicle is stationary. In the series hybrid concept, there are two drive systems, electric and mechanical heat, which can be separated or coupled in a single kinematic chain. When the electric drive is used, energy is obtained from a set of batteries which is partly recharged when travelling under mechanical drive and by using braking energy

The AHC Diesel There are two basic possibilities; front rotary and rear induction. From the rear, several varations are possible: rotary valve (disk and drum), reed valve and "clack" valve. Bert chose the rotary valve as this had worked so well on our Vivell 09 reproduction.

Diesel Electric Hybrid Dual Auxiliary Propulsion
This is another one of my pipe dreams where I take a simple and cost effective solution and make it complex and cost prohibitive. In other words, what follows is basically a rant and I will need to carefully examine this before actually trying to use one of these dim witted solutions to a non-existent problem. As I see it, the issue is: how can I get the comforts of some auxiliary propulsion with the least investment in cash and energy from fossil fuels.

Publication: Advances in R&D for the Commercialization of Small Fuel Cells The "Soldier Power" initiative under the U.S. Army's ARO and DARPA programs have spurred many of the recent developments of fuel cells for portable devices, and ever-smaller applications are in the works, as with Energy Related Devices' first cellular phone powered by micro-fuel cells. Obstacles with fuel, ambient temperature conditions, and miniaturization are being overcome as research has progressed. Leading research scientists demonstrated their latest findings at this conference. In addition, a special panel discussion explored how best to address the remaining obstacles to large-scale commercialization of small fuel cells for devices such as laptops and cellular phones. Comparing the latest in battery technology allowed conference participants to evaluate the entire spectrum of portable power. A huge market awaits companies prepared to capitalize on this urgent need for long running portable power. Prepare your company with this invaluable transcript.
The need for more flexible, convenient, and long-lasting portable power sources continues to escalate. As competition intensifies, you need the information contained in this two-volume set. Order your copy now!

Power Train Components The student will comprehend the theory of operation and key components of shipboard main propulsion power transmission from power source to propellers.
The student will comprehend the effects of cavitation.
The student will apply correct procedures and comprehension of propeller design parameters to determine efficiency at different speeds.

Diesels offer these advantages over conventional spark ignition engines:
The engines have around half the specific weight, half the frontal area and burn less fuel. This leads to remarkable improvements of aircraft parameters: payload, range and speed will be markedly better.
Environmentally friendly, low CO2 emissions due to low fuel consumption, low NOx due to two stroke principle, low soot and unburned hydrocarbon emissions due to modern high pressure injection. Diesel and jet fuels contain no toxic substances like lead, benzene or scavengers.
Very low noise emission due to two-stroke and turbocharging. · No electromagnetic interference.
Very low vibration level. Torque vibration is minimal due to one power pulse per cylinder per revolution.
Greatly reduced fuel costs - engine burns fewer Ib/hp hr; diesel or jet fuel has more Ib/gallon and costs less per gallon.
Easy to operate - one power lever only. No mixture, no alternate air. no aux fuel pump, no magneto switches, no mandatory temperature, boost or power restrictions.
Good reliability and low maintenance cost due to the lack of a reduction drive, the very low parts count and the use of reliable diesel components.
High inflight reliability - no carburetor-icing, no magneto or spark-plug problems, no vapor lock. Turbine inlet temperature is so low that it needs no monitoring. Even cylinder head temperatures are not critical.
Reduced 'hot and high' problems - sea level power at least up to 9,0

Until now, rotary engines have been notoriously uneconomical with fuel. A conventional metal rotary engine will typically return a specific fuel consumption in the region of 0.55 l/kW.hr whilst a modern diesel engine will be in the region of 0.32 l/kW.hr. This means that a small family diesel engined car that is returning 60 mpg on a motorway journey will only return about 35 mpg if powered by a conventional rotary petrol engine.

The ceramic rotary engine will be a direct injection multi-fuel engine operating on a diesel cycle. The efficiency of this engine will be improved dramatically compared with a metal rotary engine because of a significantly improved combustion process and a large reduction in waste heat rejection.

The properties of the ceramic material allows the internal surfaces of the rotor housing wall, rotor flanks and end plates to operate at very high temperatures. This ensures rapid and complete combustion of the fuel at an early stage in the cycle giving rise to peak cylinder pressures at a time when maximum torque can be generated by the rotor. This factor alone will make the ceramic engine comparable with conventional diesel engines.

In addition, very little heat is transmitted from the combustion chamber through the engine casing to the surroundings. A normal metal engine (reciprocating or rotary) may throw away 30% of the heat energy extracted from the fuel during combustion as waste heat. Normally this finishes up heating the surrounding atmosphere via the radiator. The ceramic rotary engine has no radiator and is designed to cut this loss by at least 90%.

The 'Second International Symposium for Ceramic Materials and Components for Engines' has conservatively estimated that a 60% saving in the heat lost to the engine's structure will result in a 12% saving in fuel. This means that the small family car powered by a ceramic rotary engine should return at least 70 mpg on that same journey. The global effect of such a reduced fuel consumption is massive. In the USA, for example, a 10% saving on daily gasoline consumption could be equivalent to 50 million US gallons. If based on $2 per gallon, this translates into $100M per day.

powered g-p Sientific Kit1947Wingspan 48"
Engines: 2cc Diesel

The "Rotating Liner Engine" project is a new concept that is focused on the reduction of piston friction in an internal combustion engine. Piston friction is the single biggest source of total engine friction, which limits engine efficiency. The piston reciprocates in the cylinder and the piston rings seal the combustion chamber. The wall of the cylinder is called the liner, which is stationary in current engines. For the RLE, the cylinder liners are rotated in order to substantially improve the lubrication of the piston and piston rings, especially during the high-friction and high-wear portions of the cycle around the piston reversals. The reduced piston friction and ring/liner wear from a rotating liner was well established by 200 million horsepower of WWII British Sleeve Valve aircraft engines. In those engines, the "sleeve" (cylinder liner) moved in an elliptical motion in order to expose intake and exhaust ports and thus replace the conventional poppet valves for the gas exchange processes. The sleeve valve deliberately introduced relatively high parasitic losses due to sleeve design and motion-of much higher order than the valvetrain friction it replaced. Despite these parasitic losses, the instantaneous rotation of the sleeve during piston reversal provided a significant and unexpected overall friction reduction and thus efficiency improvement, which more than compensated for the sleeve viscous drag. Naturally aspirated industrial diesel sleeve valve engines built in the 1930s achieved impressive fuel economy2

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil

TL1000 Frequently Asked Questions

ScienceDaily Magazine -- UT Southwestern Researchers Find Protein Transforms Sedentary Muscles To Resemble Exercised Muscles UT Southwestern Researchers Find Protein Transforms Sedentary Muscles To Resemble Exercised Muscles
DALLAS – April 12, 2002 – A calcium-signaling protein transforms sedentary, easily fatigued muscles into energy-producing, fatigue-resistant muscles, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas researchers report.
In a study published in today’s issue of Science, the researchers found that by genetically expressing the protein in skeletal muscles of laboratory mice, easily fatigued, or type II, muscle fibers were transformed into fatigue-resistant and mitochondria-rich, or energy-producing, type I muscle fibers, which resemble muscles that have been exercised.

New Scientist Scientists have found an enzyme in muscle that, when activated, can mimic the effects of exercise. The discovery could one day lead to "exercise in a bottle" pills but this will not be for many years, as the experiments have so far only been done in mice.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Cascading Style Sheets, level 1 Also a beautiful demonstration of a java script collapsing menu system.

Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
W3C Recommendation 17 Dec 1996, revised 11 Jan 1999

Cross Browser Expand/Collapse ToC Menu V 2.0

Cross Browser Expand/Collapse ToC Menu V 2.0

YourMobileDesk Product Detail GPS navigation that fits in the palm of your hand
The Navman GPS i-series expansion pack, which includes a helical antenna, a SiRF GPS chip set and a type I and II Compact Flash drive.
The i-series expansion pack is completely integrated for the ultimate in portability and has no unnecessary cabling. While the expansion pack can run off of your iPAQ battery without recharging for up to 3 hours, allowing for use on foot, Pocket CoPilot includes an in-vehicle power cord to help save battery life.
All the directions you'll ever need.
Pocket CoPilot gets you precisely where you need to be with directions to any address nationwide. And with dynamic voice navigation and route guidance technology, Pocket CoPilot not only shows you where to go, it verbally guides you to your destination in real-time. If you miss a turn or get off track, Pocket CoPilot automatically reroutes you.
"Pocket CoPilot did an excellent job of getting me around a city I don't know well." BusinessWeek

AMD Today, Page One

Office of Science - Feature - Brookhaven Physicists Produce "Doubly Strange Nuclei"

Physicists from the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory report the first large-scale production of nuclei containing two strange quarks.

Newsletter: Fall99: Are pulsars "strange" stars?

Even more exciting is the possibility that pulsars are in fact strange stars: stars with quark-matter cores that contain, in addition to the ubiquitous up and down quarks, a large fraction of strange quarks. The existence of stable strange-quark matter - more stable perhaps even than 56Fe - is fascinating indeed.


Scientific American: News In Brief: Neutron Stars Contain Diamond Cores: April 16, 2001

Agnes Nyiri -- Hybrid Neutron Stars With and Without Strange Quark Matter Core

Klaus Schertler; Strange Quark Matter Abstract:
We investigate the properties of strange quark matter at zero temperature including medium effects. The quarks are considered as quasiparticles which acquire an effective mass generated by the interaction with the other quarks of the dense system. The effective quark masses are derived from the zero momentum limit of the dispersion relations following from an effective quark propagator obtained from resumming one-loop self energy diagrams in the hard dense loop approximation. This leads to a thermodynamic selfconsistent description of strange quark matter as an ideal Fermi gas of quasiparticles. Within this approach we find that medium effects reduce the overall binding energy with respect to 56Fe of strange quark matter. For realistic values of the strong coupling constant strange quark matter is not absolutely stable. The application to pure strange quark matter stars shows that medium effects have, nevertheless, no impact on the mass-radius relation of the stars. However, a phase transition to hadronic matter at the surface of the stars becomes more likely.

Strange quark matter and properties of strange stars, dwarfs, planets, and quark deconfinement in neutron stars

Calculations of the properties of rotating strange stars with crusts are performed within the framework of general relativity. We employ an equation of state (EOS) of strange quark matter based on the MIT Bag Model with massive strange quarks and lowest order QCD interactions. The crust is described by the BPS equation of state. A significant increase of the stellar radius is found close to the Keplerian (mass-shedding limit) configuration. This leads to the disappearance of the gap between the stellar surface and the innermost stable circular orbit (ISCO) at very high rotation rates, for a rather broad range of stellar masses. The Keplerian configuration for the strange star with crust corresponds to values of J, T/W, which are about 20% smaller than in the case of bare strange stars. Because the Keplerian configuration is achieved due to the increase of the stellar oblateness, the Keplerian frequency (of the rotation) remains almost unaltered. The lack of the gap close to the Keplerian rotation could imply a more stringent limit on , if the existence of such a gap is supported by observations, as in the source 4U 1820-30 with the upper QPO frequency 1.07 kHz. If such a constraint is taken into account (mandatory existence of a gap) the minimum is about 1 kHz even with the extreme fine tuning of strange quark matter parameters. The minimum is then obtained for the non-rotating configuration with maximum allowable mass. The maximum frequency in the stable circ

Sea Gliders Show Underwater and Off-World Potential

Though NASA's budget for next year cuts research for a probe to plunge into the depths of Europa's suspected ocean the United States Navy might have unwittingly glided to the rescue with an assist from nothing less than the water and gravity of that moon itself.
The budget ax has fallen harshly on NASA's studies on how to explore inner Europa. Lloyd French, a Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer central to the project, said the team has been disbanded and even the web pages are down.

Evidence Found for New Form of Ultra-Dense Matter

By Robert Roy Britt
Senior Science Writer
posted: 10:45 am ET
10 April 2002

Story first posted at 10:03 a.m., April 10, 2002
Astronomers announced Wednesday the discovery of evidence for a new state of matter heavier than any previously known, equivalent in density to stuffing all of Earth into an auditorium.
The apparent discovery, made with NASA's orbiting Chandra X-Ray Observatory, provides support for a two-decade-old theory suggesting the existence of so-called "strange quark stars." The findings were discussed at a press conference at NASA headquarters in Washington D.C.
The research involved two stars expected to be neutron stars, remnants of exploded stars that are composed primarily of neutrons and would be very dense. One of the stars, however, was found to be much smaller than expected.
"It is too small to be explained by the theory that governs neutron stars," said Jeremy Drake, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
Drake and his colleagues examined a star called RXJ-1856. It was found to be about 1.2 million degrees Fahrenheit (700,000 degrees Celsius) and has a diameter of roughly 7 miles (11.3 kilometers). Drake said it's possible they measured a hot spot, but he thinks it's more likely that the observations are correct and the theory of neutron stars needs revision.
A paper on the work will appear in the June2

The other object, called 3C-58, became a new star in the sky in the year 1181, when it exploded. According to neutron star theory, some of the material collapsed into a dense core, while the rest was cast off into space.

Now, more than eight centuries later, researchers observed the remaining core with certain expectations about how much it should have cooled off. The star' temperature is less than a million degrees Celsius, far below what was expected.

"Our observations suggest that the core of this star is made of a new kind of exotic material," said David Helfand, professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Columbia University in New York. "It appears that neutron stars are not made of pure neutrons after all."

Instead, each of the stars in the two new studies may contain exotic particles called quarks.

Michael Turner, a widely respected cosmologist at the University of Chicago, said both studies appear to show that Nature is able to produce forms of matter that scientists have been unable to create in laboratories.

Quarks are thought to be fundamental building blocks of matter. But they have never been observed alone, instead always existing together as the components of other matter. If they were liberated inside a star, they could theoretically be compressed into a smaller sphere, researchers said.

The results "suggest the existence of a new state of matter that's made of undifferentiated quarks," Turner said. "If this is indeed the case, then astronomers have provided us with a stunning insight on quarks."

Turner said powerful telescopes like Chandra are making it more and more possible to use the universe as a laboratory to study Nature's tiniest phenomena.

Norman Glendenning is one of those researchers who has been unable to isolate quarks in a lab. The senior scientist emeritus at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory said that if the observations are correct, then RXJ-1856 appears to be made only of quarks, and as so it would have a sharp edge, not the gradual fuzzy outer surface typical of neutron stars and other stars.

"If all that is so, this star is in a class quite by itself and will be an astonishing discovery of fundamental significance," Glendenning said.

And there may be deeper implications to the two discoveries.

If the work is correct, "it will tells us that there were two paths that the universe might have taken" at inception, Glendenning said. The other universe, had it developed instead, might have been limited in the sorts of matter that were created.

"It made all the difference in the world that the universe evolved along one path and not the other, or else we would not be here to contemplate its wonders," Glendenning said.

Anne Kinney, director of the Astronomy and Physics Division at NASA's Office of Space Science, cautioned, "I'd like to emphasize that this is evidence for, not proof of, a new form of matter."

Solar Sails

Cosmos 1 continues to progress toward the launch of the first solar sail, and I have both good and bad news to report. First, the good news: flight hardware is being manufactured, delivered and tested, and we are moving steadily toward a launch this year. But, our schedule has slipped and we will not launch before September of this year.

Ellison's Rants

I'm going to write something here whenever I have the time and the muse. It will usually be tangentially about Ellison or this page. Be forewarned, however, that I may use language and innuendo that I would not place elsewhere in Webderland. This is mainly where I get stuff off my chest and maybe, just maybe, share a little of my thoughts and feelings. If you are the kind of person who's into that about as much as sucking on pine tar, feel free to back up a step now.

In addition to my own turn of the phrase, you will also see Guest rants appearing here from time to time according to the whims of my visitor's respective fates and muses.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

St. John's wort ineffective for depression St. John's wort ineffective for depression
DURHAM, N.C. – The largest clinical trial performed to date on the popular herbal supplement St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) has found it to be no more effective than placebo for the treatment of a moderately severe form of major depression, according to researchers at Duke University Medical Center. Major depression, also called major depressive disorder, is one of the most common forms of depression.

The Register A Reg reader who wishes to remain anonymous has dashed off a little script for eliminating the Messenger irritation. We've tested it only on Win-XP Pro, but it worked like a dream. It even eliminated the slow loading of OE after we applied the gpedit fix. It will remove Messenger, not merely disable it.

The Register Since late last year KaZaA downloads have contained 'sleeper' software which let Brilliant Digital Entertainment, a 3D advertising and modelling software start-up to activate Altnet, its own P2P network.

Altnet, which is yet to be switched on, is designed to allow the distribution of secure content or for complex number crunching tasks, using spare processing power, storage and bandwidth on users' PCs.

The news has triggered a backlash from users of networks such as KaZaA.com and Grokster that the partners in the scheme had failed to get their informed consent before the software was downloaded onto their PCs. In an interview with ZDNet, Brilliant's chief executive, Kevin Bermeister, has pledged to be more "up front" about the future downloads of Altnet or the activation of the network.

Google Search: Nell McAndrew

Giant killing: The 64-bit desktop Now there's the smell of change in the air. AMD is about to release the Hammer series of processors. It's the first real step ahead of the game that any of Intel's competitors have ever made. Oh, there have been other innovators; Transmeta with its Crusoe processors; NEC with its V20 and V30 all those years ago. But Intel always set the standard by which those processors were created.
AMD has come up with something new in the form of x86-64. It means, for the first time since the early 80s, Intel has found itself following instead of leading. It has spent so much time concentrating on the Itanium as their future that it could be its undoing

Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource Music industry insiders to be screwed as well
Posted 4/8/2002 - 8:54PM, by Semi_On

BMG, a company that at one point seemed to possibly be considering that the vast number of consumers downloading and enjoying music from bands outside the pre-processed, market friendly, generic mush spoon fed to us like drooling babies covered in NSYNC puree', coughing up the barely digestable Strained Britney Spears concentrate our benevolent parents at the RIAA seem to think we enjoy so much, might actually represent a viable market demographic, has announced their latest push into the world of "secure media." This latest announcement targets the music industry members, such as critics, retailers and radio personalities, that consitute the backbone of the RIAA's marketing structure. Promotional CD's, distrubuted weeks before the official release, will now contain the same draconian measures that the RIAA has been touting for nearly a year as the salvation of the music industry from the nefarious media pirates that have ravaged the industry. BMG seems to think this new technology will eliminate the leaking of new music before the official release as if your local radio station engineer doesn't have access to the technology necessary to elliminate these measures. And of course, BMG's announcement is rampant with the usual language.

CIPE - Olaf Titz This is an ongoing project to build encrypting IP routers. It works by tunneling IP packets in encrypted UDP packets. The protocol is designed to be lightweight and simple. Special care has been taken to make this work over dynamic addresses, NAT and SOCKS proxies.
Implementations are currently available for Linux and Windows. The Windows stuff is being developed by Damion K. Wilson and can be found on the CIPE for Windows site.

Matthew D. Wilson, matthew@shinythings.com

FreeS/WAN HTML document index

VPN Info on the World Wide Web VPN Information on the World Wide Web
Maintained by Tina Bird, tbird@precision-guesswork.com
Last modified: 18 Mar 2002

VPN White Paper: The Basics White Paper, Part One: The Basics
Our First Lesson: The ABCs Of VPN

ISP Planet - Technology - The IPsec Remote Access Conundrum Part 1: Extended Authentication - page 1 The Remote Access Conundrum Part 1:
Extended Authentication
Can ISPs offer the security of IPsec-based remote access VPNs without the expense of building (or buying) massive Public Key authentication systems? "Hybrid Authentication," a refinement of XAUTH, offers one solution, but standards issues have muddied those waters.
Lisa Phifer
VP Core Competence, Inc.

Cisco - Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol Technology Brief
Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol

L2TP - Webopedia.com Short for Layer Two (2) Tunneling Protocol, an extension to the PPP protocol that enables ISPs to operate Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). L2TP merges the best features of two other tunneling protocols: PPTP from Microsoft and L2F from Cisco Systems. Like PPTP, L2TP requires that the ISP's routers support the protocol

X.25 Packet Switching tutorial X.25 Packet Switched networks allow remote devices to communicate with each other across high speed digital links without the expense of individual leased lines. Packet Switching is a technique whereby the network routes individual packets of HDLC data between different destinations based on addressing within each packet.

ScienceDaily Magazine -- Researchers At The University Of Washington And In China Release Genome Sequence Of Rice There is a reason that researchers began with the variety of rice that they did. The sequence is of the form of rice, Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica, that is the most commonly grown in China and many Asian-Pacific areas. It is the paternal cultivar of a super-hybrid rice, LYP9, which has 20 to 30 percent more yield than other rice varieties. The sequencing center is also working on the maternal cultivar of LYP9, to better understand why hybrid varieties of rice grow so much more vigorously.
Rice has the smallest genome among the major cereal crops, and is expected to be a model for other commonly cultivated cereal crops, including corn and wheat, whose genomes are six and 40 times larger than rice. The researchers say that they have learned quite a lot about rice, but it is still too early to translate their findings into better crops.

ABCNEWS.com : A Flexible Solar Panel for Clothes Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley say their latest research work in producing cheap, plastic solar cells may lead to such stunning possibilities.
According to A. Paul Alivisatos, a chemistry professor and lead researcher on the project, the experimental solar cells use tiny rods of cadmium selenide, a material similar to those used in computer chips.
The rods measure just 7 nanometers — 7 billionths of a meter — wide and 60 nanometers long and are suspended in an organic polymer, or plastic. The mixture is then sandwiched between two electrodes, one of transparent plastic and the other of flexible aluminum.
The experimental cell works just like other commercially-available photovoltaic cell. When exposed to sunlight, the "nanorods" of cadmium selenide material yields an electron and a related "hole" or vacancy. The electrons move through the rod to the aluminum electrode while the hole moves toward the other electrode, creating "positive" and "negative" terminals, just like a battery.
And in lab tests, a prototype solar cell about 200 nanometers thick — one-thousandth the thickness of a human hair — can produce just over half the voltage of a common flashlight battery.

infoSync : Report says Palm, Handspring doomed Neither Handspring nor Palm have the financial muscle necessary to compete with Nokia, Ericsson/Sony, Siemens, Motorola, and now also Microsoft, according to the report which goes on to say that the PDA value chain and price structure means that products become 30% more expensive at retail level than those shipped through the value chain of the mobile industry.

The market for Smart Handheld Devices is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years, as 2.5G and 3G mobile services become widely available. Making use of these new services will require new terminals, and with almost 10 million units sold in 2000 alone, one should think that PDA manufacturers such as Palm and Handspring enjoy a head start in relations to the market for PDAs - but that's all wrong, according to Strand Consult.

Both companies are dwarfed by its now competitors - the manufacturers of mobile phones - who in 2000 sold 410 million units. Neither Palm nor Handspring have the distribution or financial power to compete with Nokia, Ericsson/Sony, Siemens, Motorola, and now also Microsoft, and nor have they any experience of operating in the value chain of the mobile industry.

Seti Logs

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Life on the Net 2004

It's 6:30am some day in 2004.
The alarm goes and you rise from your bed to face the day's challenges.
After a quick shower and breakfast you wander over to your PC and check to see if any email has arrived overnight.
Hmm... 231 new emails but your filters say that 217 of those are likely to be spam. Even though they've been dropped into another folder you'll still have to wade through them to make sure that you don't miss an important message that might have been accidentally sidetracked by the less-than-perfect software.
Damn, it looks as if you've also received 5 new virus/trojan attachments as well and one of them was 20MB in size -- that's another $4 on your DSL bill.
Suddenly a pop-up dialog box appears advising you that there are 2 new Windows Security updates that should be downloaded, totalling some 60MB in size (another $12 worth of traffic).

You just know that downloading these updates will require you to reboot your PC and you're in a hurry so you hit the "cancel" button and fire up your web-browser to check the latest news headlines.

Within seconds, the PC's desktop comes alive with pop-up flashing, animated advertising banners -- but you're used to this highly intrusive advertising by now.

Another dialog box pops up, this time warning you that the license for your copy of Windows XP2004 is due to expire in 10 days. It reminds you that should you fail to renew your license (another $199) then your PC may no longer boot.

Fond memories of the days when there were alternatives to Microsoft's OS pass through your mind -- but that was before the government realised that software was like petrol -- a totally essential commodity in the lives of most businesses and individuals. Legislation was passed in 2003 that required all software developers and vendors to be licensed and a 45% tax added to all sales. Of course, much to Microsoft's glee, this killed the Open Source movement since being an unlicensed software supplier risks a stiff fine or even a jail term and those licenses are incredibly expensive.

You type in "cnn.com" then enter the ID and password associated with your monthly subscription. Remember when there were hundreds of sites offering the latest news for free? Not any more. Sure, there still a few, but they're regularly hit with law suits by the big names who allege breach of copyright. Although such suits are inevitably dismissed -- the cost of defending them means that the independent news sites usually only last a few months at most.

Flicking the remote beside you kicks your digital music player into action and you marvel that 95% of its computing power is dedicated to the sophisticated digital rights management system it contains.

Following an unsuccessful attempt to copy-protect CDs, the recording industry forced everyone to a new mini-CD format that has yet to be cracked (although there are rumours that some Russians have succeeded). You just can't buy music on CDs anymore and the old CDR/RW media now costs $10 a disk, thanks to the $9 anti-piracy levy that was introduced in 2003.

Another warning appears -- "Your license for this recording has expired, unable to play." Damn -- another $49 if you want to listen to that music for another year. You wonder, if as they claim, these new measures significantly reduce piracy, why music is now so much more expensive?

You type up a quick email to a friend, inviting them to meet you for lunch. Of course you're very careful not to use the words "bomb" and "aeroplane" in the same message for fear of attracting the attention of the new anti-terrorism police. After all, every single bit that enters and leaves your PC is now scanned by the authorities -- under the premise that it is in the interests of (inter)national security and crime reduction.

It's funny how they can supposedly detect even an unfriendly tone in an email but they can't (or won't) stop the endless tide of spam isn't it?

Suddenly your PC's screen clears and the image of a naked woman in a seductive pose appears. Oh no, more porno-hacks. Maybe you should have downloaded those latest security patches after all.

For a moment a smile crosses your face -- you're thinking of the "good old days" when the Internet was a much simpler, saner, safer place.

Then you return to reality with the realisation that it's just 7:05am and you've already spent $264.

Have your say.

Aardvark's Garage Sale
It's time to clear out the closet here at Aardvark's country residence so I'm having a bit of a garage sale. I need to spend a whole lot more time and money on my jet engine R&D activities (now that the defense industry has shown a very real interest) -- so I'm trying to scrape up some more cash.

I'm selling my pulsejet manufacturing business. This would be perfect for either a semi-retired engineer/machinist who wants to earn some pretty good money building these things and exporting them to the world -- or an established engineering shop who want to break into a new (very export oriented) market. I can provide an ongoing stream of orders through my website and since I've run out of time to meet the demand, the sale will include a growing "waiting list" of new customers ready to place their orders.

Saturday, April 06, 2002

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Friday, April 05, 2002

AnandTech - IDE RAID Comparison

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Life on Mars hopes raised

Finding Nibiru

More reports on Pioneer 10 and 11 slowing down

Frequent Questions about The Jade Mine

Research: Faculty seeks cures to ills that plague mankind The development by UF engineering researchers of the world's largest man-made diamond, a 1,600-carat monster, was another noteworthy event.

Diamond: Glittering Prize for Materials Science


The Nosy Reporter’s Corner Fake Diamonds Being Filtered
Into Gullible U.S. Market

The Register

Meanwhile, non-Windows systems continue to plague Redmond. A reader sends us this link to an anecdote from AS/400 architect Frank Soltis. Microsoft ran its accounting systems on the venerable IBM system for years, leasing the systems to a contractor to give itself plausible deniability on the dogfood question. During the AntiTrust case, Microsoft claimed it could not produce computer reports of its sales ledger, claiming the billion-dollar software monopoly kept only "paper" records. Perhaps this explains why.

Thursday, April 04, 2002

Scientists Trace Recently Found Genes To The Evolution Of Big Brains

Anti-Unix Site Hosted on a FreeBSD Box

Posted by Jim at 2:08AM EST
Oh the irony.

Several sites have reported on this already, but not with the flair and panache that 2CPU.com regulars are accustomed to. So here goes: In an article written a few days ago by CNET, it became apparent that Microsoft and Unisys were joining together in a collective marketing campaign to basically undermine Unix (which is the "Big Box" OS of choice of several competitors).
Unisys is spending $25 million on the campaign, spokeswoman Pasha Ray said. Microsoft is adding funding of its own but declined to say how much.
Interesting. Furthermore, it appears a website has been constructed to aid them in this regard. "Wehavethewayout.com" shows the Microsoft/Unisys initiative. This is where the fun begins: Let's cruise over to NSI and it's marvelous whois function:
Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
UNISYS CORPORATION (K4608-OR) hostmaster@unisys.com
Ok, so we know this isn't some evil hoax, Unisys registered the bloody domain.

I wonder what netcraft can tell us:
The site www.wehavethewayout.com is running Rapidsite/Apa-1.3.14 (Unix) FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.7.1 OpenSSL/0.9.5a on FreeBSD.
Hehe, this warms my heart. Of course, this is not something we're unaccustomed to with Microsoft (Hotmail.com anyone?).

Latest THEMIS Mapping Mission Images

P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s First Quarter Revenues Grow 35%
Wednesday, April 03, 2002 7:02:41 AM ET Quote News Earnings Analysts Valuations Sentiment Picks Insiders News Selects Discussion Profile Fundamentals Industry Technicals Chart Intra-Day Chart Price History Option Chain Financials Income Statement Balance Sheet

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

NetSlaves: What are you lookin' up here for?

Microsoft may have Licence to Kill CPUs

Class of May 19 1999

Big Ear Radio Observatory Reportt - The Big Ear Wow! Signal

What We Know and Don't Know About It After 20 Years

Written by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman

Original Draft Completed: September 1, 1997
Last Revision: February 3, 1998

SETI@Home - Three years and 1397 possible signs of life

Posted 4/2/2002 - 1:29AM

by zAmboni

With members numbering over 3.5 million the SETI@Home project has been returning steady results over the past three years. The project is closing in on the 1 million year CPU milestone and has produced over 470 million results. The S@H team has started sifting through those results to identify possible final candidates for further investigation. The most recent newsletter points out there are 1397 persistent Gaussian signals which represent the best candidates for Extraterrestrial signals (The Planetary Society has a good explanation on the Gaussian screening in this article). A selection of these final persistent signals will be examined in detail by observation with dedicated radio telescope time.
In this search for ET, Team Ars Technica Lamb Chop (TLC) has been leading the pack in work unit crunching. While TLC has a bit of cushion over second place SETI.Germany, our German freunde has been steadily eating into that lead. Currently SETI.Germany is nearly doubling the output of TLC, and pretty soon the TLC top spot may be in jeopardy. TLC is currently working to redouble its efforts and widen the gap. Anyone with computer cycles to spare can download a Windows, Mac, OS X, or command line client to help out (command line client is preferable). After installing the client, head on over to this page to join Team Lamb Chop.

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