Friday, February 29, 2008

I would be interested in a slate system, with a portrait style screen that had a much higher resolution. It should have the software needed to use its built in hardware and it should boot and be able to use any feature fast.

I would like the keys separated like they are on the Pepper but with larger keys; the thumb keys on the front of the system and the index finger keys at the back to save space. It should use standard rechargeable 18650 lithium batteries. It should have built in GPS, wi-fi, and 802.11n connectivity. It should have at least 4 USB connectors, one firewire, two compact flash card connectors, and 4 SD connectors. Also small speakers, headphone jacks, and a built in camera and microphone. A good large hard drive would be nice as well (maybe two).

It should be able to connect to the internet from almost anywhere. It should securely connect to other versions of itself on an ad-hoc basis with the user deciding the level of connectivity and to whom it connects. Sort of like an adult version of the ancient Cybiko. It would be good if wirelessly connected systems could work together, that is if one maxed out it's processor, being able to use some cpu cycles from nearby systems would be nice. Another great feature would be to be able to share the internet connection of other systems if their users if they allowed it. (Get enough users together with an internet connection and you could be sharing some really fast connectivity.)

I would use it for art (painting, sketching), reading books, keeping in touch with friends, music, offloading photos from my camera. Also as connection to my home PC, for instance reading books, or listening to music stored on the PC.

The most critical feature would be not using windows, (just too slow).

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