Sunday, March 09, 2008


"To date, six studies of abstinence-only programs have been published.
None of these studies found consistent and significant program effects
on delaying the onset of intercourse, and at least one study provided
strong evidence that the program did not delay the onset of
intercourse. Thus, the weight of evidence indicates that these
abstinence-only programs do not delay the onset of intercourse. A study
of 7,326 seventh and eighth graders in California who participated in
an abstinence-only program found that the program did not have a
measurable impact upon either sexual or contraceptive behaviors. Nearly
two-thirds of teenagers think teaching "Just Say No" is an ineffective
deterrent to teenage sexual activity." A recent, congressionally-approved study of students
using both abstinence-based and comprehensive sex education showed that
students in the abstinence-only programs were no more likely to delay
sexual intercourse and had similar numbers of sex partners at the same
ages. That's a pretty big waste of hundreds of millions of taxpayer
dollars for abstinence-programs and a federal ban (per funding) for
comprehensive sex ed.

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