Sunday, March 09, 2008


Texas Citizens for Science was formed in January, 2003, to promote the use of accurate and reliable science in Texas public education, government, and institutions.
Fourth, Republican Governor Rick Perry, Republicans in the Texas Legislature, and Republicans on the State Board of Education are currently attempting to completely reform the character of Texas public education in far-reaching ways. Teacher qualifications have already been weakened so that new teachers are no longer required to have the usual Education School pedagogical training. Abstinence-only sex education was recently mandated in health textbooks. School financing will be significantly changed, perhaps in ways that inhibit communities from raising property taxes to adequately support their local schools, and some districts may not sufficiently funded as in the past. More ominously, Republicans hope to add vouchers for religious and private schools, and hope to create virtual charter schools to support home-schooling at state expense. These new state-funded vouchers and virtual schools would not be subject to the same curriculum and instructional requirements as the public schools. Since religious schools and home schools almost all intentionally use curricula that distort modern science in favor of non-scientific religious beliefs such as creationism, intelligent design, flood geology, and a young Earth, some of these proposals will greatly damage reliable science education in Texas. Since many thousands of Texas students--who now receive an adequate if not exemplary science education--would find themselves subject to inferior faith-based pseudoscientific instruction under the new Republican plan for Texas public schools, this issue must be taken up by Texas Citizens for Science. (Note added, Jan. 2005: TCS is still working on this one!)

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