Monday, July 07, 2008


  1. The National Center for Science Education, for instance, has an excellent resources page 
  2. The NCSE has a list of statements from scientific societies, all in support of evolution.
  3. National Association of Biology Teachers
  4. National Academies
  5. Society for the Study of Evolution.
  6. UC Berkeley online tutorial, Understanding Evolution
  7. PBS has an evolution site that introduces you to the basics.
  8. Tree of Life project is a overview of systematics and the diversity of life on earth.
  9. The Talk.Origins Archive  a place where you can ask questions and get replies to major criticisms of evolutionary theory.
  10. Douglas Theobald's evidence for evolution page is a thorough overview of the many different lines of evidence that support the theory of evolution.
  11. Index to Creationist Claims contains rebuttals to the most common creationist canards.
  12. Also check out the blogs Aetiology, Afarensis, All-Too-Common Dissent, Ask The Scientician, The Daily Transcript, De Rerum Natura, Evolgen, Evolution 101, EvolutionBlog, Evolving Thoughts, Good Math, Bad Math, The Intersection, Living the Scientific Life, The Loom, Mike the Mad Biologist, The Questionable Authority, Recursivity, The Scientific Activist, Stranger Fruit, Thoughts from Kansas, and Thoughts in a Haystack.

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