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Review of The Fantasy Trip: In The Labyrinth

Product: The Fantasy Trip: In The Labyrinth

Author: Steve Jackson

Category: RPG

Company/Publisher: Metagaming

Line: The Fantasy Trip

Cost: $7.00

Page count: about 78

Year published: late '70s



Comp copy?: no

Capsule Review by John Laviolette on 20/05/02

Genre tags: Fantasy

The Fantasy Trip (TFT) was Steve Jackson's first RPG design (based on the microgames Melee, and Wizard) the core rules consisted of three books, In The Labyrinth, Advanced Wizard, and Advanced Melee.

TFT is a fairly rules light game, with a very simple and fairly well balanced ruleset, using a d6 based roll under attribute mechanic.

There are only three attributes, ST, Dex, and IQ.

ST determines how large a weapon one can wield (damage), and how much damage one can take (hit points), as well as carry capacity and fatigue, spells are powered by the casters hit points.

DX determines how often one hits (3d6 below dex to hit), agility based saves, and many skill rolls, as well as order of attack

IQ limits talent and spell availability, and governs perceptions checks and will or intellect saves.

Generally starting characters have 32 total attribute points, distributed (within certain limits) as the player sees fit, characters are rounded out by choosing talents (for heros) and spells (for wizards). Character designis simple and allows for a fairly high degree of customization.

The sparse, elegant simplicity of the game, which makes it easy to learn and play, and encourages variety and balance among starting PCs, is also it’s major weakness, as long time characters tend to have high attributes in all three stats, reducing the variety among the characters as they progress.

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