Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vista Crash

Windows explorer crashed which is weird since I did not have it open. This time it took much longer than usual to come back.

The case of the missing e-mail

A federal magistrate judge on Thursday chastised the Bush administration for failing to fully answer questions related to a long-running dispute over missing White House emails. The White House is facing lawsuits from two public interest groups, Citizens for Responsibilty and Ethics in Washington and the National Security Archive at George Washington University, demanding that the White House restore the missing e-mails and put in place systems to prevent further e-mail losses. Administration officials were ordered to provide detailed information about the burdens involved in taking immediate actions to preserve copies of hard drive, tapes, and other media that may contain copies of the missing e-mails.

The ongoing dispute spotlights a part of the executive branch that doesn't often get much attention: its e-mail system. Two laws govern the retention of executive branch documents. The Federal Record Act requires the head of each federal agency to ensure that documents related to that agency's official business be preserved for federal archives. The Watergate-era Presidential Records Act augmented the FRA framework by specifically requiring the president to preserve documents related to the performance of his official duties. A 1993 court decision held that these laws applied to electronic records, including e-mails, which means that the president has an obligation to ensure that the e-mails of senior executive branch officials are preserved.

In 1994, the Clinton administration reacted to the previous year's court decision by rolling out an automated e-mail-archiving system to work with the Lotus-Notes-based e-mail software that was in use at the time. The system automatically categorized e-mails based on the requirements of the FRA and PRA, and it included safeguards to ensure that e-mails were not deliberately or unintentionally altered or deleted.

The Bush White House "upgrades" the e-mail system

When the Bush administration took office, it decided to replace the Lotus Notes-based e-mail system used under the Clinton Administration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. The transition broke compatibility with the old archiving system, and the White House IT shop did not immediately have a new one to put in its place.

Instead, the White House has instituted a comically primitive system called "journaling," in which (to quote from a recent Congressional report) "a White House staffer or contractor would collect from a 'journal' e-mail folder in the Microsoft Exchange system copies of e-mails sent and received by White House employees." These would be manually named and saved as ".pst" files on White House servers.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heartland's bogus list of 500 scientists

Dozens of scientists are demanding that their names be removed from a widely distributed Heartland Institute article entitled 500 Scientists with Documented Doubts of Man-Made Global Warming Scares.

The article, by Hudson Institute director and Heartland "Senior Fellow" Dennis T. Avery (inset), purports to list scientists whose work contradicts the overwhelming scientific agreement that human-induced climate change is endangering the world as we know it.

DeSmogBlog manager Kevin Grandia emailed 122 of the scientists yesterday afternoon, calling their attention to the list. So far - in less than 24 hours - three dozen of those scientists had responded in outrage, denying that their research supports Avery's conclusions and demanding that their names be removed.

Reasons to Vote for McCain

vote John McCain

DA charges parents who prayed as daughter died

An 11-year-old girl died after her parents prayed for healing rather than seek medical help for a treatable form of diabetes, police said Tuesday.

Everest Metro Police Chief Dan Vergin said Madeline Neumann died Sunday.

"She got sicker and sicker until she was dead," he said.

Vergin said an autopsy determined the girl died from diabetic ketoacidosis, an ailment that left her with too little insulin in her body, and she had probably been ill for about 30 days, suffering symptoms like nausea, vomiting, excessive thirst, loss of appetite and weakness.

Most parents would seek immediate medical help for a child who cannot speak, eat, drink, walk or breathe easily as was the case with Kara for about 48 hours before she died, Falstad said.

The girl's parents, Dale and Leilani Neumann, attributed the death to "apparently they didn't have enough faith," the police chief said. The couple face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

Leilani Neumann, 40, told AP previously she never expected her daughter to die. The family believes in the Bible, which says healing comes from God, but they are not crazy, religious people and have nothing against doctors, she said. They believed the key to healing "was it was better to keep praying. Call more people to help pray," he said. The mother believes the girl could still be resurrected, the police chief said.

Police Chief Vergin said the parents once belonged to the Lighthouse Pentecostal Church but they became what he called religious "isolationists" involved in a prayer group of five people.

The most frighting quote above is "...they are not crazy religious people"; this my friends is complete loss of contact with reality scary crazy. I hope they get the maximum sentence. Murder is murder whether the weapon is a gun or religious fanaticism and stupidity.

Ono sues Expelled producers for using Lennon song

Yoko Ono has sued producers of a film starring actor Ben Stein that supports ''intelli- gent design,'' the belief that evolution was intended by an unknown being, claiming it illegally uses a song by ex-Beatle John Lennon.
Premise Media Corp. and Rampant Films didn't obtain a license to use ''Imagine,'' the song by Ono's late husband, in ''Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,'' released April 18, according to a suit filed Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.
''Defendants have intentionally and willfully used the song without authorization because they knew that they would likely be unable to secure permission,'' Ono, 75, said in the complaint filed along with British record label EMI Group Plc.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Poll At Expelled Site Now Deleted

Do you think the theory of Intelligent Design should be taught in our education system?

Yes <1% (902 votes)
No 98% (419,526 votes)
Not sure <1% (181 votes)
What is it? 2% (8,912 votes)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vista Crash

Windows explorer crashed.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vista Crash

I had to do a hard reboot, due to another complete system lock up.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

80mph 80v Hub motor Test

Lion Battery Cells for RV or Electric Vehicles

New info: Just found this out.

Ken Curry, owner/operator of LIonEV, has a prior fraud conviction for selling gold coins on eBay that he didn't actually possess nor ship to buyers. His sentence was vacated on appeal, meaning the conviction stands but the original sentence removed and a lesser sentence handed down.

From United States v. Curry, 461 F.3d 452 (August, 2006):

"In the summer and fall of 2004, Curry was on the verge of financial ruin. His security system installation company was over ninety days
past due on a $138,000 debt, and he owed the IRS $98,000. The government contends that Curry turned to his "hobby" of dealing in coins
to get out of his financial straits. At the end of summer 2004, Curry placed up for auction on eBay large volumes of one-ounce gold coins, known as "Gold Eagles."1 Between August and October 2004, Curry sold 381 Gold Eagles to twenty-one different buyers. According to the government, Curry made a series of false representations in his advertisements of the coins. For example, he represented that (1) the coins were located in Virginia Beach, J.A. 786; (2) the coins were "part of a larger estate auction that [would] take about three months to complete," id. at 777; (3) the coins were of exceptional quality and likely only to have been seen by the mint or the original buyer, id.; and (4) he would provide a full refund to all unhappy buyers, id. at 787. The twenty-one buyers paid Curry approximately $148,000 for the 381 coins. Of the 381 coins purchased, Curry delivered only 44 of the coins, which represented only partial deliveries to two purchasers."

He was tried and convicted for mail fraud under 18 U.S.C. § 1341 and wire fraud under 18 U.S.C. § 1343 on May 31, 2005.

The Appeal decision:

I didn't know any of this about Ken when, this year, I sent him $36,000 for two Ford Ranger conversion kits. More than 4 months later and after extensive phone and email battles I've received some of the parts from his electrics supplier, CloudEV. $24,000+ in parts are still unaccounted for.

I've spoken with many of Ken's other victims, as well as the Richmond, Virginia detective examining Ken's latest frauds, the FBI, the ICCC, my local police, and Bob Krask, the Assistant US District Attorney that prosecuted Ken's original trial.

Ken served 12 months of the original sentence before being released pending his 2d appeal. That appeal is now complete and the appellate court returned jurisdiction of the case back to the district court. Bob Krask filed a motion requesting that the district court enter an order directing Mr. Curry to report to the U.S. Marshal to serve the remaining jail sentence.

While Ken's website continues to be updated, I was informed through my sources that as of a few days ago Ken was taken back into custody and is serving the outstanding 24 months of his sentence.

Remember, this is for the 2004 fraud; Ken has yet to be punished for defrauding me of tens of thousands of dollars through LIonEV, along with defrauding Ram M of Texas, Chris D of California (about $40,000 each), William M (who is also on this forum), and several others.

There are as many different voltage and ampere configurations as there are stars in the night time sky. To provide for all of these buyers we have come up with a simple module that can be easily formed in to the pack that you desire. The modules are 3.2VDC nominal, at 100Ah or 200Ah. The sizes are (for the 100Ah) 2" by 6.3" by 11.1" and for the 200Ah, 2.2" by 8.6" by 13". They are not orientation sensitive, install them any way you wish. They are maintenance free, so put them in and forget about them. The module weights are 7 3/4 pounds for the 100Ah, and 14 3/4 pounds for the 200Ah.

Priced at just 62.5 cents per Wh these are a real bargain.

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Pair an array up with one of our high energy battery packs for completely off grid living.

Vista is Slow

I just noticed that if I increase volume while playing Freecell, the game locks up. Thats just crazy, given that CPU usage was between 5 and 7 percent.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vista Crash

I had to do a hard reboot due to a complete system lock up.


I restarted Vista in the hopes it would run better.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beyond HD Player

RED just announced its Red-Ray player, a media playback device for DVDs and DL DVDs holding content 4K (4096 x 2048), 2K (2048 x 1024) and regular 16:9 4K (3996 × 2160) formats, as well as 1080p, 720p and regular DVD (480p). Blu-ray discs and HD DVD discs are not supported, while you can play videos from SD and Compact Flash memory cards. The player is expected to debut sometime in 2009 and of course it will not be cheap: Pricing has not been announced, but don’t expect to get this player for less than $1000.

On Bush, Bible, Fossils, Evolution, and Reality

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


1.94 miles.

Trip to San Antonio

Drove to San Antonio and worked on the house. Washed the front to remove dirt and mildew.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vista Problem

The recycle bin disappeared again.

Vista Crash

Windows explorer crashed.

Vista Problem

I tried to open windows explorer, and got a blank window titled ... not responding.

Vista Crash

Vista completely locked up. I had to do a hard reboot.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

I can't believe the underhanded tactics used by the producers of the Expelled movie.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blood Sugar


Vista Crash

When I woke up this morning, my system was completely unresponsive I had to do a hard boot.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Vista Problem

I don't know why Vista keeps reporting that Miro crashed, when its working just fine.

Epistemologies of Science and Religion

So, science is universal, while religion is rather local. One relies on an epistemology everyone in the world has access to; the other relies on an epistemology that barely works for that religion. To say of all religions that "each is valid" is to assert an absurdity. If each religion is separately valid, and all religions contradict each other, we are way past postmodernist silliness and out the other side into pure fiction and flights of imagination. It basically causes the very idea of knowledge to be degraded to the point that it no longer has the slightest meaning.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ministar 1W Bright White Led W/PR Flange Base

50 Lumen 1 Watt Luxeon LED
• 100,000 hr rated LED life
• Works in 2-6 cell battery operated appliances, 2-9VDC
• Available in standard flange and screw bases
• Electronic Regulation for Rock Steady Light Output
• Never needs replacing!
• Pure White Light
• Consistent Brightness and Color regardless of battery condition

Part#: TLE-1F
Price: $14.95

Bush's War

Watch The Full Series Online
Part OnePart Two

Annotated Video Timeline
400+ Extended Interviews

Vista Crash

Windows explorer crashed again.

Vista Crash

Windows explorer crashed.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Vista Crash

Windows explorer crashed.

Illinois House panel criticizes deputy governor in hearing on $1 million grant to school

Deputy Gov. Louanner Peters on Wednesday spent more than an hour dodging questions from an Illinois House committee investigating a $1 million grant that wound up going to a troubled private school instead of a church because of what Gov. Rod Blagojevich has called a "bureaucratic mistake."
The hearing to probe the grant came after the Blagojevich administration steered $1 million to the private Loop Lab School to make good on the governor's pledge to help Pilgrim Baptist Church rebuild after a fire. Instead of giving to the church, the money went to the school, which rented space from the church.

The grant came as state and federal authorities were trying to collect thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes from the school, the Tribune reported Wednesday. Other potential roadblocks also were cleared to make the grant possible: The governor gave a rare and swift pardon to the school's director, a convicted felon; the school registered as a charitable organization for the first time in its 25-year history; and the school filed three years' worth of required state tax documents in one day.

Governor of Illinois Moves a Million Dollars of State Funds to Baptist Church

The governor of Illinois has been playing some games with state money, shuffling a million dollars to benefit a Baptist church, and an atheist dared to testify to the legislature against this. The response from one legislator was unsurprising: she shrieked at the atheist to get out.

Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago) interrupted atheist
activist Rob Sherman during his testimony Wednesday afternoon before
the House State Government Administration Committee in Springfield and told him, "What you have to spew and spread is extremely dangerous . . . it's dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy exists!

"This is the Land of Lincoln where people believe in God," Davis said. "Get
out of that seat . . . You have no right to be here! We believe in
something. You believe in destroying! You believe in destroying what
this state was built upon."

Disbelief in religion means you have "no right" to speak to members of government? Wow. And note the "D" after her name — she's a member of the party most (but definitely not all!) American atheists lean towards.
There's more on this exchange: it looks like Sherman kept his cool, while Davis spewed her hate.
Here is the audio, courtesy of the Illinois Information Service.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

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